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What Interesting Things Can You Cook In Your Omelette Maker?


Eggs are the ultimate healthy food since they can provide you with a wealth of benefits that other foods simply cannot provide. As you can learn from our recent post, an omelette is an ideal way to get creative with how to cook eggs and integrate them into your daily diet. An omelette maker is an excellent choice for making this dish fast and easy.

However, if you want to take a step farther and enjoy your omelette maker in different ways, there are some exciting things you can cook in it that aren’t necessarily the classic egg-based dish. For such ideas, you only need to read below.


A hearty omelette with bacon, cheese, and mushrooms

First, let’s start with a spin on the popular dish that will create a more filling breakfast for you and your family. The classic fluffy omelette is a fixture in many homes, but it can get boring to have the same thing every day. If you want to bring your omelette up a notch, try the following recipe.

For it, you will need 4 large eggs, half an onion (sliced), a small cup of grated cheese, another with strips of bacon, 4 mushrooms (sliced), and salt and pepper for seasoning. Beat the eggs in a bowl with the grated cheese, and season them with salt and pepper. On the hotplate, fry the sliced onion and the bacon strips for a little while.

Split the onion and bacon between the omelette maker wells in even portions and then pour the beaten eggs in a similar manner. Follow the general instructions for using your omelette maker, and then serve the dish with a salad of your choice.


American-style pancakes are a go, too

An omelette maker is a great cooking appliance, and it doesn’t have to be a unitasker. Here is another option you should consider for making the best out of yours. American-style pancakes are a great way to start your mornings, and the great news is that you can cook them in your omelette maker.

For the recipe, you need the usual ingredients: self-raising flour, sugar, eggs, and milk, as well as a bit of salt for seasoning. If you made pancakes before, you might already know what amounts are needed to make as many of them as you desire. Make the batter as usual. Now it’s time for you to use your omelette maker.

Grease the cooking plates with a bit of oil to ensure that the pancakes won’t get stuck. After plugging in the omelette maker, pour enough batter to cover the hotplate, and then close the lid. Unlike omelettes that need around 2 minutes to cook, you should leave your pancake to cook for one minute. Check if there are bubbles on the surface, and then flip the omelette maker so that the pancake can cook on the other side, too, for another minute.

If you want to integrate the fillings in the pancake in the making process, you can spread some and then add batter to cover it all. It might not be your classic pancake, but you will put an interesting twist on a favorite dish that other family members might like, too.


Do you know you can make an apple pie using your omelette maker?

You might not be too surprised to discover that you can make pancakes with your omelette maker, but what do you think about making an apple pie? Of course, it won’t be the same kind you cook in an oven, but it will be delicious nonetheless. Here are the ingredients you will need for this apple pie.

One packet of ready-made puff pastry will replace the dough and also save you time with this stage of the preparation. Then, you will need 3 apples, cut into small wedges. You will also have to use one egg yolk, beaten, and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Don’t forget about cinnamon, which makes any apple pie taste heavenly, and a bit of sugar for dusting over the pie.

Split the puff pastry into two equal parts and roll them as thinly as possible so that they cover the cooking plates of your omelette maker. Grease the plates in advance to avoid burning your pie. The apple wedges mixed with the brown sugar and the dash of cinnamon should be put into a bowl and left to cook in a microwave oven for a few minutes. You can stir occasionally; make sure that you don’t let them overcook.

Now it’s time to assemble the pie. Plug your omelette maker. Place one half of the pastry over the bottom cooking plate of the omelette maker. Spread the apple wedges mixed with sugar and cinnamon on top and cover everything with the other half of the pastry. Don’t forget to trim all the extra pastry that goes over the cooking plates. Close the lid and let it cook for one minute.

Open the lid and brush some of the beaten yolk on top. Flip and let the pie cook for another minute, and repeat the procedure with the beaten egg; this will give the pie a beautiful, golden aspect once it’s done. Every minute, flip and check to see if the pie got its crust, which is a sign that it is almost done.


Go French with Croque Monsieur sandwiches

There is another thing your omelette maker can be used for, and that is making some tasty sandwiches. However, you don’t have to settle for the same-old, especially since you’re using a different cooking method. The advice is to make some Croque Monsieur sandwiches that will be absolutely delicious.

For this recipe, you will need one slice of wholemeal bread, 2 eggs, some slices of ham, grated cheese, and a bit of butter. Create 2 triangles by cutting the bread slice on its diagonal. Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them well. Use the butter to grease the bread, and then assemble a ham and cheese sandwiches using the triangles.

The sandwich thus obtained must be placed in the bowl with the beaten egg until it is well soaked. Take it carefully and put it on the preheated hotplate of the omelette maker. If there is any beaten egg left, you can pour it inside the wells of the omelette maker, making sure that it doesn’t go over and make a mess.

Close the lid and leave your sandwich to cook for as long as it’s needed for the egg to be well cooked. Since each omelette maker might come with different instructions, make sure to follow them so that you don’t undercook or overcook your Croque Monsieur sandwich.


Banana pancakes with an egg twist

These are not your usual pancakes because you don’t make the batter like you would for regular pancakes. You could call this recipe a banana omelette just as well, but it may not sound very clear, so let’s just settle for banana pancakes as its name.

This recipe is incredibly simple, but no less effective than others when it comes to staving off your hunger and giving your energy for the entire day. You will need 2 eggs and one peeled banana to make such a pancake. You simply mash the banana and mix it with the eggs to create the batter.

Grease the cooking plates on your omelette maker and plug it in. Pour the batter into the wells and close the lid. Flip if needed and if your omelette maker suggests it, and cook for several minutes. Never forget to refer to the instructions offered by the manufacturer for cooking times and the like.

Serve your banana pancakes with yogurt or other fruits. It is an excellent option for summer when you need something light, but filling, to start your day on the right foot.


Create new omelette recipes

While it is exciting to use your omelette maker to make various recipes like the ones listed above, coming up with new ideas on making new omelette recipes is always great.

You can try anything you want, from a combination of greens with your regular omelette, sun-dried tomatoes added to the mix, and other veggies, to chicken meat, roasted and chopped, for putting a spin on the classic recipe for a more filling dish. Just feel free to experiment; your omelette maker can help create exciting dishes fast and easy.