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What Goes With Cornbread. Options To Choose From


Cornbread can easily be considered underrated as a dish on its own, and as a side dish that can be combined with many other foods for a delicious and exciting taste. You will find more info here about what to eat with cornbread so that you can enjoy this all-time American favorite to the maximum.


Butter and cornbread for the perfect comfort food

When you want to eat something to fill your belly and soothe your soul, this simple combination is an absolute winner. Spread some butter on top of cornbread portions and place them inside the microwave oven for just a few seconds. Right away, you will have plenty of comfort food to share with others.


The popular chili combination

If you’re looking to stay true to tradition, consider the classic chili and cornbread combination. The spicy taste of chili is balanced perfectly by the sweet taste of the popular dish, and you will find it ideal for family meals where you want to share the joy of food with those closest to you.


A match made in heaven – roasted pork and cornbread

Meat is an excellent pick for having cornbread as a side dish, and no other goes better than pork. Roasted meat, in particular, creates the perfect taste with cornbread thrown in the mix. You don’t have to choose between sweet and savory cornbread because it works with both like a charm.


Add honey for a super easy dessert idea

Cornbread can help you in many situations, such as when you don’t have a dessert prepared to follow a hearty meal. Here is the saving idea: drizzle some honey over savory cornbread and serve it. The combination of sweet and savory will be a guaranteed winner with your family members.


Buttered veggies work with cornbread like a charm

Just like cornbread goes with most things, buttered veggies are another choice that you should pick when you don’t have any idea what to cook. The best part about veggies is that they are both healthy and delicious, and together with cornbread, they make the perfect side dishes. However, you should have a main dish to serve with them, as they cannot stand on their own unless you’re on a strict diet.


Try chicken for marvelous combinations

Pork would be the first choice for many people when it comes to pairing cornbread with a main dish, but you shouldn’t neglect chicken, as a second best. Roasted chicken is great with cornbread, but that’s not the only way of combining the two. Creamy sauces go nicely with chicken, and cornbread is an excellent addition, too.


Invite cornbread to your BBQ party

Meats of all sorts work with cornbread, but it appears that there is nothing more delicious than taking it to the BBQ party. Barbecue is fantastic in taste and flavor, and you can balance that intensity by placing some cornbread on the table. Its sweetness will create the perfect combination with your BBQ dishes.

And here’s a piece of advice: don’t settle for southern BBQ only when opting for this combination. Any barbecue meal, with its spicy and vibrant aroma, would benefit from the tone-down flavor of cornbread.


Go crazy with any cheese you can find

Cornbread works with almost anything, and cheese just makes everything taste better. It should be no surprise that these two delicious foods should meet in the middle. You can just eat cheese with cornbread without bothering to cook complex dishes.

The best part about this combination is that you can go as crazy as you want. Creamy cheese, goat cheese, cheddar, anything you can find can be mixed with cornbread and sent to the oven. You can experience as much as you want, and you would be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t work.


Make your kids happy with mini corndogs

This idea should have been mentioned much earlier, but there are just so many combos that have cornbread as a fantastic support character that choosing one over others is challenging. Corndogs are everyone’s favorites, so it wouldn’t hurt to put a spin to the classic recipe.

Make mini muffins with hotdogs inside and serve them with tasty dips. Your kids will love them, and your only worry should be to make enough of them so that everyone can enjoy them.


Cornbread as the perfect companion to sautéed greens

Anyone who wants to eat healthily will discover the following combination to be ideal for their meal plans. Spinach, kale, and collard greens are all excellent choices to have with cornbread. They are easy to prepare, too, since you only need to sauté them for a bit, season with salt and pepper, and serve with the dish mentioned.


An exotic combo: cornbread and ice cream

Although you may expect cornbread to make it to the dessert part of a meal in more ways than one, you might be surprised to find out that it works with ice cream. In Mexico, people like cornbread so much that they use it as dessert precisely as it is, without any additions. However, their love for this dish made them create cornbread ice cream, which is unfortunately not widespread in other parts of the world.

That doesn’t mean that you should be deprived of trying ice cream and cornbread, and not only in the same sentence. Just have some regular vanilla ice cream with cornbread, and you’ll experience a taste combination like never before.


Beans of all kinds are welcome to the table

Chili, stew, and other dishes are great to have with cornbread, but the list wouldn’t be complete without beans. It really doesn’t matter what beans we’re talking about. Do you like baked beans? They’re game. Do you prefer chili beans? Don’t hesitate. Black-eyed peas are just as welcome.

Cornbread makes for a delicious add-on to any dish based on beans, and you will find a new way – if you haven’t already – to serve such meals, never to go without it again.


Who says soups can’t be served with cornbread?

Not just any soup can do well with cornbread, but that doesn’t mean that the vast family of this meal course should be ignored when exploring various combinations of foods that work with this classic dish. Your choice should be hearty soups, as cornbread benefits from the texture and consistency of other foods to create the perfect balance.


Use cornbread for dressing and stuffing ideas

There is no corner of cuisine cornbread leaves alone, and that brings us to this particular chapter. If you want to create a more consistent and flavorful dressing, opt for this food as an ingredient. The same goes for stuffing. Your Thanksgiving turkey deserves this twist, but you don’t have to limit yourself to special occasions. A chicken stuffed with a cornbread combination is the ideal choice for a Sunday meal, too.


A taco casserole like you’ve never tasted

Cornbread is most conveniently served as a side dish, but you can get creative and make it an ingredient. For instance, if you feel like you’ve just run out of ideas for Taco Tuesday, here’s an idea: try a casserole like you’ve never tried before.

Make the batter for the cornbread, and mix it with chopped jalapenos. Add ground beef – after browning it first –, some cheddar (shredded) and more of those tasty jalapenos. Bake the combination in the oven until the center is cooked through. You can add any topping you want, to make your delicious casserole a real blast.


Reinvent breakfast with milk and cornbread

Even the fussiest kids won’t say no to this combination. This breakfast idea is filling and also delicious. If you want to make sure everyone will have some, add butter and honey on top of the cornbread slices for sweetness and appeal.


A delightful pie with apples and onions

The subdued sweet taste of cornbread makes it a fine choice for many different ingredients and dishes. Here is an idea for a pie that will help you prove yourself as a fearless home cook. Cut apple pieces and slice onions to top the cornbread and then bake everything in the oven until the topping caramelizes to perfection.


Make the perfect holiday potluck with corn and dairy

If you happen to be out of ideas for a holiday potluck, here’s something to save the day. Create a dish with creamed corn, dairy, and cornbread, for a delicious result that will make everyone want more of it.