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1.Westinghouse WT4201B 4 Slice Toaster, Black

The good

The awesome ratings this model has been getting in the Westinghouse WT4201B 4 Slice Toaster reviews are well-deserved due to its variable shade settings.

The cooked bread is always easy to remove from the toasting slots.

You’ll love how this toaster simplifies breakfast preparation.

Cleaning is not a problem with the Westinghouse WT4201B 4 Slice Toaster.

The toaster is easy and convenient to use.


The bad

This is undoubtedly the best rated 4 slice toaster from this brand but the larger footprint may not prove to be practical when you have limited countertop space.

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My opinion on this product


Looking for the best 4 slice toaster from Westinghouse? Your search definitely ends with the Westinghouse WT4201B. This model comes with electronic variable toast shade control so you can select the best doneness level that meets your unique preference. Choose from light to golden to dark brown so you can enjoy bread just the way you want. This toaster puts you in control every time, letting you set the browning levels to accommodate every family member’s favorite level of cooking bread.


The two bread centering guides in each slot ensure that bread is nicely positioned for easy retrieval after it is cooked. The guides enable you to position the bread optimally. The toaster also has an Extra Lift feature that raises the cooked bread higher in the toasting slots so you won’t have to use a kitchen utensil or implement to take out the bread. This also ensures user safety since metal tongs could cause electrocution. The Extra-Lift feature also ensures that you won’t have to worry about getting your fingers burned on the still hot toasting slots when you have to manually remove small bread slices. The slots can accommodate bagels as well, eliminating situations of stuck bread.

2.Westinghouse WT4201B 4 Slice Toaster, Black

The four-slice capacity lets you cook four slices at one time. This enables you to multitask and do more in the kitchen while being able to complete the toasting task in half the time. The four-slice capacity also lets you quickly prepare toast when feeding a whole party of people. That’s less waiting time for the family and more time for bonding as a result. The Toast Cancel feature allows you to halt the toasting cycle if the bread gets done before the completion of the cooking cycle.


The pull down crumb tray facilitates cleaning out of bread crumbs and small bits of bread. No need to use special tools or cleaning solutions. The cool touch housing means you can wipe the exterior clean right after use to clean off smudges and dirt. The black steel body offers a minimalist look that will make the toaster a great addition to any modern kitchen.


The toasting slots are designed with extra width to enable you to cook more than ordinary white bread, so you can enjoy a variety of sandwich items every day. This toaster has a numbered dial that allows easy differentiation of doneness settings. The levers simplify retrieval of the cooked bread. This is a basic kitchen appliance that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles but does its job efficiently.



The Westinghouse WT4201B 4 Slice Toaster enables you to toast bread quickly and consistently. It has safety features that include the cool touch housing and high-lift feature. Choose the doneness level that will satisfy your taste using the rotary numbered dial. The toaster also has Toast Cancel feature to stop the cycle when the bread is cooked before time completion.


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