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West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin 2-Slice Toaster Review



The good

The wide toaster slots enable toasting of thicker-slice breads.

This is the best toaster from West Bend due to its variable toast settings.

You can cook eggs and toast at the same time using the West Bend TEM500MW.

Make breakfast sandwiches in minutes with the unit’s included meat tray.

The appliance has a host of superb features that ensure easy use.


The bad

Although the egg pan serves its purpose adequately, its size and construction may be more toy-like than industrial, according to one of the West Bend TEM500W toaster reviews. Despite the size, the pan can easily hold two large eggs.


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My opinion on this product


Put in your English muffins, bagels and croissants, and this best egg and muffin toaster will brown them and make them crunchy enough to go with your eggs. The wide slots ensure that your bread, no matter how thick, gets toasted the right way. The slots also ensure that the bread doesn’t get stuck in the machine, which can necessitate use of a tool to pry the bread out, a very dangerous practice indeed.


Offering from light to dark control settings, the West Bend TEM500W 2-slice egg and muffin toaster provides the level of browning you prefer each time. This means you can have a lightly browned toast one day and a darker one with more crunch the next day. The settings allow for customized results every time.


The toaster is built with an integrated egg cooker that lets you boil, scramble and poach eggs. This means you can have your eggs and toast both ready simultaneously, saving you effort and time. You can scramble eggs or steam poach them in around 4 minutes, which is a convenient feature for people who are constantly on the go. The unit ships with an egg basket that lets you hard or soft boil four eggs at the same time.


The included meat tray allows you to heat pre-cooked items, including meat and vegetables, so you can make instant breakfast sandwiches fast and easy. Put in some pineapple and tomato slices or pre-cooked meat items that you can use to make sandwiches or to go with some toast.


The toaster component is built with a high toast lift that ensures effortless removal. It also features an auto shut-off element that ensures the unit instantly switches off when the toasting cycle is complete, which is unlike other units that remain switched on so the appliance still uses power even when it is not toasting if left plugged into the outlet. The Cancel button allows you to stop the toasting cycle midway or when you smell the bread burning. The slide-out crumb tray enables easy cleaning. The cord can be stored neatly into a special slot in the unit.



You will love the versatility of the West Bend TEM500W Egg Muffin and Toaster. Offering from light to dark browning settings, the machine offers customized results. The wide bread slots elevate the bread for easy retrieval. The egg cooker offers quick and easy usage, an auto shut-off functionality for safety in use, a Cancel button plus a slide-out crumb tray and convenient cord storage. With this product, you can make breakfast faster and more easily with just a single appliance.


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