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1.2 Waring Commercial WSC160

The good

This commercial crepe maker is ideal for those who want to start a small business selling crepes.

Made of heavy duty materials, this model is very durable and it will serve you for years to come.

You can quickly cook all kinds of crepe mixes, due to the adjustable temperature thermostat.

The 16 inch cooking surface allows you to make really large crepes, as the ones offered on restaurant menus.

The cast iron surface distributes the heat evenly, so your crepes are cooked to perfection.


The bad

One thing that is mentioned by a few of the users who have bought this crepe maker is that the cast iron surface needs seasoning, and that can be a bit tricky. Unlike other cooking surfaces, cast iron needs to be seasoned with grease or oil, so that the batter doesn’t stick to it; once you get this process right, which is really easy, you will have no troubles using the crepe maker for cooking all kinds of batters.


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My opinion on this product


The Waring Commercial WSC160 Crepe Maker is an ideal choice if you want to make large quantities of crepes. This doesn’t mean that it cannot be used in a home kitchen, with the same success. However, if you have a small restaurant serving crepes or a street creperie, you will find this model to come in really handy. The vast majority of those who have tried it say it is the best crepe maker for a small scale business with delicious crepe recipes on the menu.


Unlike models that are destined to home use, this one uses heavy duty materials. The heavy duty cast iron cooking surface can take, head on, any challenge and the stainless steel base contributes to its outstanding durability. The heat resistant carrying handles are another feature highly appreciated by everyone, without exception.

1.1 Waring Commercial WSC160

The model comes with a thermostat that goes up to 570 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to cook all kinds of crepes and batters. Your crepes will be cooked to perfection and your clients will surely appreciate how fast they are served with their favorite treats each time they stop by your place.


The 16 inch cooking surface is great for making large crepes, which is highly appreciated by those who usually have crepes in a restaurant setting. The model is designed as a commercial unit, as you can see from its additional features, such as the power and ready lights that let you know when you can use the crepe maker.


What must be said about this model is that its cast iron cooking surface is its main selling point. Seasoned right, the cooking surface becomes non-stick and you can make large quantities of crepes with its aid. The heat is distributed heavenly and you will enjoy perfect results, with each use.



If you are searching for a crepe maker to make crepes at a commercial scale, look no further than the Waring Commercial WSC160 Crepe Maker. This model will help you make the best crepes fast and easy, so you can cater to an entire party or a crowd of hungry customers.


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