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VonShef 12 Raclette Party Grill Review

1.1 VonShef 12 Person Raclette

The good

With 12 available places, the VonShef Raclette Party Grill is, indeed, a great recommendation for any party.

The benefits of a raclette grill are combined with a bottom layer for making fondue and a hot pot.

You can cook any kids of meats and vegetables on the raclette grill.

The non-stick raclette pans provided are very easy to clean and to maintain ready to use for any party.


The bad

The vast majority of reviewers say that this model is the best raclette grill they have ever tried, but there are a few mentions that must be reminded. Quite a common one is that the size of the raclette pans is on the smaller side, but seeing that a raclette grill is usually geared towards smaller servings of various foods, this may not be a bad thing. Provided that your guests will enjoy their meal cocktail style, they won’t probably mind dealing with smaller pans.


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My opinion on this product


A raclette grill is always a great idea for a party, but what if you do not have enough space for everyone to enjoy cooking their own foods? The VonShef Raclette Party Grill solves this issue by offering enough room for 12 persons. Your parties will never be boring and your guests will feel well accommodated. Raclette party grills usually come with multiple seating areas, so that plenty of people can enjoy the advantages of a raclette grill, and this one fits the bill quite nicely.


This model is not just a simple raclette grill. The bottom layer is used for making fondue, since no meal served Swiss style will be complete without melted cheese added to the mix. The center of the grill is occupied by a hot pot, and all the necessary accessories are readily provided. 6 forks for fondue and 12 raclette pans are provided with the grill, so that everyone can take full advantage of this great party starter.

1.2 VonShef 12 Person Raclette

What are you in the mood to eat? Whether you prefer meat, cheese or vegetables, you will find this raclette grill to come in handy. The best part is that you will only have to supply your guests with the ingredients and they will be able to make their own combinations. Since satisfying all preferences can be a really difficult thing, a raclette party grill is an all around solution. Even those who prefer just vegan recipes can use the grill for their favorite dishes. The hot pot can be used for melting chocolate and enjoy tasty desserts, as well.


Having non-stick cooking surfaces is important in a raclette party grill. Just imagine all the spills, grease and crumbs that will end up splattered and scattered everywhere. With the VonShef Raclette Party Grill, you don’t have to worry about a thing, since the non-stick cooking surface is really easy to clean.



This is a great raclette grill for a party. With enough room to accommodate 12 people creating their own plates, and all the needed accessories included, this is the type of party helper you will ever need.


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