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1.1 VonShef 12

The good

You will feel like a real chef in the kitchen, when you use the VonShef Cake Pop Maker to make delicious lollipops for your kids and their guests.

12 cake pops can be made in one go with the help of this kitchen aid.

50 cake pop stick are provided with your purchase, so you can make a large amount of cake pops and serve them to your guests.

The contemporary design makes the cake pop maker a welcome addition to your kitchen counter.

Minimal cleaning is required, which makes this cake pop maker a really convenient choice.


The bad

The vast majority of those who have tried the VonShef Cake Pop Maker have only great things to say about it, but there are some minor complaints that should be mentioned. Some users say that the sticks offered with the device are too smooth and the cake pops end up sliding on them. However, this could be caused by using certain mixes for cake pops that are greasier than others. Overall, most reviewers say that this is the best cake pop maker they have ever tried.


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My opinion on this product


The VonShef Cake Pop Maker puts you in charge of making delicious treats for an entire party. Rolling cake pops by hand may remind of the times when your mom was making this childhood dessert, but, thanks to the advent of technology, now you can obtain the same tasty results with great ease. Use this cake pop maker to create really stunning results that your family and friends will surely appreciate.


The number of cake pops you can make in one go is 12, and the entire process takes very little. So, if you are planning a large party, just mix the ingredients for the cake pops and use this device to make plenty of them for the entire crowd.

1.2 VonShef 12

You will surely love the great amount of accessories offered along with your purchase. 50 sticks are included, so you can place your cake pops on top of them and serve them as delicious lollipops. A cake pop stand is also provided, and you can use it so you can decorate your cake pops with great ease.


Many reviewers praise the nice stylish design of this cake pop maker that fits like a glove in any kitchen. The company making these kitchen helpers is known for their contemporary design, and this represents one of the reasons why they are so popular with home cooks everywhere. If you get this model for your kitchen, you will not regret it.


Convenience is very important when it comes to maintaining your cooking utensils in good condition. This cake pop maker is really easy to clean, since its non-stick surface does not allow the cake pop mix to get stuck to it.



There are plenty of reasons why so many people seem to be in love with the VonShef Cake Pop Maker. Your best ally for feeding a hungry crowd at a birthday party, this model will help you make cake pops in large quantities with minimum effort.


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