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VIVO CANDY-V002 Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Review

1.1 Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

The good

Manufactured by VIVO, this electric cotton candy machine has plenty of power to be used at carnivals, fairs, and other gatherings.

With its ability to make a variety of flavors, it’s easy to see why this is thought to be the best cotton candy machine.

You will appreciate how easy this commercial quality cotton candy maker is to use, and keep clean.

Everything you need to start a small cotton candy business is included with this convenient machine.


The bad

It should be noted that bubble is not included with this machine, which can cause it to be rather messy when it is operated without a cover.


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My opinion on this model


Whether you are hosting a large event or are planning on selling cotton candy, this machine from VIVO might be exactly what you are looking for. Since you need to be able to quickly make enough cotton candy to keep your guests and customers satisfied, this machine comes with 1030 watts of power. This ensures a fast heat up time, along with the power needed to wrap 2-3 cones a minute.


Since you are planning on serving a large number of people you need to be able to meet a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. This machine is compatible with sugar and sugar-free cotton candy confections, and it can also be used to make an assortment of different flavors. Simply choose your favorite hard candy and watch as it spins into delicious flavored floss.

1.2 Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Even though it is powerful enough to make up to 3 cones of cotton candy per minute, it is still incredibly easy to use and maintain. The stainless steel mixing bowl is removable for convenient cleaning, and a power switch turns the machine on. Once it is hot enough simply add the sugar, and watch as it spins it into delicious cotton candy. The sturdy table and wheeled cart can also be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.


Everything you need to start selling cotton candy is included with this fun and easy to use machine. The bright pink retro design will catch everyone’s attention, along with the delicious aroma of sugar melting. A measuring scope is included so you can easily add the right amount of sugar, and you will appreciate the convenient cash drawer when you start selling your confections. Perfect for fund raisers or to earn a little extra money, in no time at all this cotton candy machine can easily pay for itself.



There is very little not to like about VIVO’s cotton candy machine, especially its powerful and easy to use design. It will heat up in minutes and is capable of making up to three cones every 60 seconds so you can easily keep long lines of customers happy. It comes with a sturdy wheeled cart that is easy to maneuver, and you will appreciate being able to remove the bowl for convenient cleaning. With a cash drawer included, you are ready to start selling cotton candy.


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