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Vitamix 5200S Review


Anything you want in a blender for nut milk and other drinks and foods loaded with vitamins and nutrients you will find in this model. Equipped with many useful features that will make your work in the kitchen a breeze, it is a highly recommended buy, as you will get your money’s worth, and even more.


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Complete control over the texture and consistency of your foods

One of the things you will love about this product is that it puts you in full control of how your drinks and foods will taste and look like once you are finished blending. That happens because the unit comes with variable speed control, and, what may be even more critical to some users, the speed can be adjusted using the available dial at any point during the blending process.

Different recipes require that the ingredients have different textures, and that is where this unit comes into play to help.


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The high capacity pitcher is ideal for cooking large batches

Your blender should help you prepare food for the entire family, which is why it is a great thing to have a blender with such high capacity. The 64-ounce pitcher will allow you to cook large batches of any food you want, to ensure that you have enough for all the members of your family.

An exciting aspect of this model is that it can be used to make hot soup. Because the blades used can rotate at high speeds, they produce friction heat so that you can enjoy your soup as hot as you want. For warming other drinks, this feature also comes in handy. Because the blades are made from stainless steel, they can handle any ingredient, no matter how tough.

A few excellent add-ons complete the picture

There are a few other things that must be mentioned here. First of all, the model can self-clean, which is an added plus, seeing how difficult this operation can be with other blenders available on the market. You only need to use a bit of dish soap and some warm water, and the machine will do its job, which will just take up to a minute.

A classic tamper completes the picture and allows you to make dense foods with the help of this blender, as well. You will also get a starting guide and a DVD to help you out.



This large capacity blender is ideal for starting to make healthy foods and drinks for the entire family. You can depend on it for a large variety of recipes, and you will enjoy the various extra features offered that are designed to make your life easier.

From variable speed control to the ability to make hot soups, and self-clean, this model offers a lot of nice extras, besides what you might expect from a blender. You will appreciate its extreme convenience, and you will find it indispensable for a large variety of recipes.


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