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1.1 Victoria 85008

The good

Made of durable cast iron, the Victoria 85008 Tortilla Press is your best ally when you want to make tortillas, as well as other types of Mexican flatbreads, at home.

Hand casted in Columbia, this original model is a great choice for those who are looking for a tortilla press that always offers the same great consistent results.

The extra screw for the lever makes it easy for you to keep the press in place, so you can obtain the thin, high quality tortillas you want to use in your recipes.

Preseasoned with high quality palm oil from Columbia, this press will not catch rust and you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.


The bad

While most of those who have already bought the Victoria 85008 Tortilla Press are extremely satisfied with the results they obtain, some users say that it takes a little bit of a learning curve to get your tortillas right. As with any kitchen utensil, it may take a few tries until you know exactly how to use it, so you can get the results you want.


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My opinion on this model


Cast iron is often recommended for tortilla presses, because it is a heavy duty material used for kitchen appliances. It is not only durable; its weight makes sure that the dough placed inside is pressed evenly, so you can get high quality tortillas each and every time. Making 8 inch tortillas is very easy with this model, rightfully named by its users the best tortilla maker on the market. Too many similar products sold at the moment are made of lightweight materials and they cannot press the dough evenly; this is not an issue for the Victoria 85008 Tortilla Press that delivers the same great quality with each use.

1.2 Victoria 85008

Do not let yourself fooled by imitations and knock offs. This Victoria tortilla maker is the real deal, as it is hand casted in Columbia, by workers who know how a tortilla press should look and function like. Consistency is important, especially when you are cooking for a large party, or your entire family, and this model helps you obtain the wanted consistency with great ease, due to its perfect execution.


The lever on this model comes with an extra screw that allows you to press the dough until it becomes really thin. No matter what kind of flatbreads you want to obtain – besides tortillas – you will find this tortilla press very easy to use. Get ready to open your Mexican recipe book and enjoy the results!


Cast iron needs to be preseasoned so it does not catch rust. The manufacturer takes good care of those using the Victoria 85008 Tortilla Press and offers them a product preseasoned with Kosher Columbian palm oil harvested from a single source.



If you are looking for a high quality tortilla press that will serve you for a long time, the Victoria 85008 Tortilla Press is one of the best models you can purchase right now. Its durable construction and consistent results recommend it as the ideal kitchen aid for making Mexican dishes.


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