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Why simply host the party when you can join it with a raclette grill?


A raclette grill is an awesome device that not many people aside from expats and Europeans know about. The raclette grill is an exceptional tabletop grill that can be used not only for making raclette but also for melting cheese and cooking personal pizzas, crepes and Japanese pancakes. With it, partygoers can create personalized dishes while sharing stories, so the host is not left slaving over a hot grill just to get everybody’s favorite grilled food out.

The cooking appliance melts cheese below while cooking a variety of food items on top.

Raclette derives from the French word ‘racler’ which means to scrape. It is also what a traditional, creamy and soft Swiss cheese is called.

The raclette grill originates in the French part of Switzerland. It’s a whole new way of eating and spending time with your family instead of rushing through dinner cooking and getting everything cleaned up so everybody can get on with their electronics. The raclette grill gives everyone a chance to sit together, be quite interactive in cooking and eating, talking with each other and making dinner a full family event, with no more rushing through.




The raclette comes with a few fundamental pieces namely, the base and two types of cooktops: a granite cooktop and a cast iron cooktop. The granite cooktop takes longer to heat but gets hotter, while the cast iron component takes faster to heat up. The cast iron cooktop is also outfitted with the grill part plus the flat part for cooking pancakes and other items, so you can cook bacon and pancakes together.

The grill also comes with non-stick raclette trays, plates or dishes that fit on the bottom of the unit, serving to warm the cheese, or perhaps to make some cookies or biscuits.

The raclette components are quite easy to clean. The raclette dishes clean up like a charm in the dishwasher.


Variety of Ingredients

You can use a variety of cheese options including camembert, cheddar, Emmenthaler, feta, fontina, gorgonzola, gouda, gruyere, mozzarella, parmesan, pecorino, Monterey Jack and of course, raclette cheese.

You can work with a variety of veggies including sliced bell peppers, cucumbers, asparagus and potatoes. Boil some small new potatoes with their skins on or use canned potatoes for best results. Prior to cooking on the raclette grill, the vegetables can be raw if they are tender at the onset. Be sure to cut them into small pieces. Firmer veggies need to be blanched briefly until they are al dente, or cooked while still being firm to the bite. Onions and mushrooms are also great ingredients.

You can also work with apples, apricots, figs, mango, pears and plums for a classic cheese-and-fruit combination.

Meat should be finely cut up for thorough cooking in just a short time. Tenderizing the meat can be achieved through marinating prior to cooking. The granite stovetop enables one to use slightly thicker meat slices. One can use some summer sausage and pork.

Fish cooks quickly so it is perfect for raclette grilling. Go for fattier fish types with skin on, including catfish, salmon or mackerel. Some scallops or both unpeeled and peeled shrimps are also great.

You can have a variety of sauces and dips by the raclette grill, and steamy-hot boiled potatoes are a great side dish since they are easily kept warm on a platter while being the perfect complement to cheese.

For seasoning, there should be salt, freshly ground black pepper and paprika to season the potatoes and the other ingredients at the diners’ options. Marinades should be scraped off completely to prevent the seasoning from getting burned in.



The possibilities are endless.


Easy Use


Preparing a raclette meal is amazingly effortless.

Just turn the unit on. Once the top grill gets hot enough, cook some meat and vegetables on it. The granite stone grill can be lightly oiled using a bit of olive oil. The cast iron grill will do well to be seasoned before you start cooking with it. It also has to be sprayed with some oil and preferably used to cook some bacon before it is utilized with anything else.

While cooking the meat and veggies, the cheese can be melted on the raclette dishes. You can also try grilling the bread in the trays and melting the cheese on the top grill, if you prefer. This makes the unit work pretty much like a broiler.

Once the food items are cooked, you can layer them on a plate and then scrape the melted cheese over them to finish. The raclette trays can also be used to cook egg. The raclette grill lets you cook pretty much anything.

The bottomline; if you can grill it on an electric barbecue grill, there’s no reason that you can’t grill it on a raclette. Protection Status