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2.T-fal TT7461 Avante Deluxe 4-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function, Black

The good

This is easily the best 4-slice toaster from T-fal in terms of variety of settings for browning.

The toaster provides more than enough power to cook bread well.

The toaster can handle not just regular bread slices but bagels as well.

This unit is easy to position on the kitchen countertop.

The toaster is convenient to use.


The bad

Two or three of the T-fal TT7461 Avante Deluxe 4-Slice Toaster reviews laud the unique angled design of the slots. However, the buyers observed that bread could easily fall out when cooked, necessitating the toaster be placed far from the edge of the counter. The slanted design makes it easy for children to put in and retrieve bread slices.

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My opinion on this product


Unlike other best rated 4-slice toaster models, the T-fal TT7461 Avante Deluxe comes with seven different electronic browning control settings, giving you a wider variety of doneness levels without the need for guesswork. The variety of browning levels, when fully learned, enables you to choose the precise setting you want to cook your favorite bread. The numbers make it easy to choose from the lightest level to the darkest you dare to go, so you can enjoy bread cooked just the way you like. The large number of settings offers precise control.


Delivering 1,800 watts of toasting power, the T-fal TT7461 Avante Deluxe ensures that bread gets evenly browned. The machine boasts a bagel function that cooks the outside and keeps the inside nicely warmed, just perfect for enjoying your bagel. This toaster is engineered to ensure no complaints about bread being underdone or burned, since the user controls the level of browning from the onset. The unit produces really fine toast and quickly, too, as some users have noted.

3.T-fal TT7461 Avante Deluxe 4-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function, Black

Toast more than just regular bread with the T-fal Avante Deluxe Toaster. The kitchen appliance has extra-wide, self-adjusting slots that can accommodate thicker pieces of bread. You aren’t confined to plain bread when using this toaster, so you can enjoy plenty of your favorite breads toasted four at a time for breakfast or snacks.


The slanted design not only ensures effortless viewing of the bread while cooking but also enables you to position the toaster easily on the counter for children to put in and remove bread on their own. The slanted design enables easy placement as the toaster won’t take up plenty of countertop space. The cord can be stored on the base of the unit, preventing clutter and ensuring easy storage.


The T-fal Avante Deluxe Toaster has Defrost function that lets you take bread from the freezer to cook in the toaster, eliminating the need to wait for the bread to thaw out. The Stop function lets you cancel the toasting cycle when you feel the bread is done before the toasting time is completed. The Anti-Jam function ensures easy removal of the cooked bread from the slots, which is supplemented by the high-lift lever that pushes the bread up. Made of elegant stainless steel, the toaster is easy to clean and stays resilient against chipping and rust. The removable crumb tray facilitates hassle-free cleaning. The black plastic housing simplifies maintenance.



Geared with stylish buttons and easy-to-use levers, the T-fal Avante Deluxe Toaster makes a great addition to any modern kitchen. This toaster accommodates both small bread and thick slices, pushing the cooked bread high enough for easy removal so you won’t need to use tongs and other utensils that could cause electrocution.


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