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14.1 Sunbeam 3911

The good

This model is the best toaster from Sunbeam thanks to its dual controls on each side of the appliance.

The Sunbeam 3911 wide slot toaster reviews say the unit offers convenient toasting performance for a variety of breads.

You’ll love the convenient cancel button.

The anti-jam mechanism provides a factor of safety.

Cleaning up after use is always quick and easy when you use the Sunbeam 3911 toaster.


The bad

One of the reviews laments the fact that the Sunbeam 3911 has an outside shell of plastic, but this contributes to the light weight of the appliance.

When using the unit, it is best to set on a lower level to prevent over-toasted results.

The power cord comes out at the side, which may be unconventional for some users.

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My opinion on this product


The Sunbeam 3911 is the best 4 slice toaster thanks to how it comes with many features that make toasting convenient and effortless. The dual controls on each side of the toaster allow you to choose different settings so you can use both sides to toast simultaneously. You can select a different shade of doneness so you can enjoy toast that tastes great, especially when coupled with some scrambled eggs. You can choose to have bread toasted to a higher or lesser degree, depending on your mood.


The extra wide slots allow you to put in extra-thick slices of bread. The bagel select button lets you toast bagels, English muffins, hamburger buns and other types of bread. This appliance uses electronic toasting technology to ensure convenient use. You can enjoy nicely done toast in no time and minus the guesswork, and just the way you want it. With four slots, you can toast four slices of bread simultaneously, saving you half the time it would take when using a two-slice toaster.

14.2 Sunbeam 3911

If you want to cancel the toasting function when you smell the bread burning, or when you see that the bread is done just right even though the toasting cycle is not yet completed, just press the CANCEL button. This will immediately stop the toasting process. This is especially useful when the user has not fully mastered the settings on the toaster during the first few uses. The Cancel button ensures you have a fail-safe mechanism to stop the toasting process any time you want.


Thanks to this toaster with anti-jam mechanism, you won’t have to fear poking and hurting your fingers into the unit’s heating elements. The high-rise toast lift effectively prevents accidental burns on your fingers. The anti-jam mechanism automatically shuts the toaster off when bread gets stuck in the slots, so you can safely take the bread out. The cool touch housing ensures safety during use, keeping the outside of the toaster evenly cool to the touch. The one-year limited warranty ensures against defective parts and workmanship.


The removable crumb tray catches debris during toasting, making cleanups a breeze. Simply wipe off the crumbs from the tray before storing the toaster. You can also easily wipe the housing clean after use.



This easy-to-use toaster lets you enjoy toasted bread anytime. The four extra wide slots let you tackle the toasting task in half the time. The unit comes with a Cancel button so you can stop the toasting process any time. There are separate controls for the two sets of slots so you can enjoy customized results. The sleek, black plastic exterior gives the appliance a nice appearance. This product is built to North American Electrical Standards, ensuring you of safety and quality.


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