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Sunbeam 3822100 2-Slice Toaster Review


This model from Sunbeam is a very efficient toaster with 2 slice capacity and with a useful bagel function for preparing great tasty pastry in the morning. There are many convenient features on this model that will help you get everything you need for a perfect breakfast, and many buyers consider it a fixture in their homes and a great kitchen helper.


My opinion on this model


Perfect for both toast and bagels

What could be better than fresh toast in the morning? A lot of people will hurry to say that they like bagels a lot, and, if you are one of them, you will love the fact that this particular model is capable of making toast and warming up bagels, so you can enjoy your favorite morning items whenever you feel like it. The wide slots allow you to stuff bagels inside, as well as thicker bread slices.


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Choosing your shade of brown has never been easier

Back in the days, having toast meant only a single shade, and, if your toaster had a tendency to burn or under-toast your slices, it was just tough luck. Now, nothing is left to chance, and good quality toasters do more than simple toast. This model allows you to pick the shade of brown you like so that you can enjoy your breakfast to the maximum.


The cool touch housing is an added plus for safety

A toaster needs to be more than just a kitchen appliance that makes toast. It needs to be safe for daily use, and, if you have kids, it is a good idea to get a model that comes with cool touch housing. In case the kids end up touching the toaster by accident, they will not risk burning their little hands, and you will have your peace of mind when they are playing around you in the kitchen, while you are struggling to prepare breakfast.


The crumb tray can be removed and washed with ease

It is imperative that the toaster you get is easy to clean, and the Sunbeam 3822100 is just making your life more comfortable, by coming equipped with a crumb tray that can get easily removed and washed in your dishwasher. This way your unit will always be kept clean, and you will not have to work hard to maintain it in good shape, ready to be used.



No matter what kind of bread you want to use for your morning toast, you will find that the Sunbeam 3822100 manages any slice thickness with great ease. Not only that but warming up bagels comes in handy if you are the type of person who likes a little variety for morning meals. The anti-jam function is helpful, too, since nothing can be more frustrating than having to struggle to get your bread out, in case the unit malfunctions. Choosing your shade of brown is easy and a cool feature, while the crumb tray can be removed and washed in your dishwasher.


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