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Sunbeam 3819 2-Slice Toaster Review


If one should use just one word to describe the Sunbeam 3819, that word would be convenience. Equipped with useful functions to help you cook delicious toast for breakfast, it is a reliable option for anyone who likes this type of food. The toaster comes with anti-jam capabilities and wide slots, so it is very handy. You can use it for warming up bagels, too, and because of its wide slots, you can stuff it with all kinds of bread. Nice looking and dependable, it is highly recommended.



My opinion on this model


Handy extra wide slots

There are many reasons why people prefer buying toasters with really wide slots. Besides the fact that they want to try out bread slices of different thicknesses, they also want to be able to warm up hamburger buns or bagels. This unit is really useful from this point of view, because its wide slots let you do just what you want for creating a filling breakfast.


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High rise toast lift

A pretty annoying thing when using a toaster is having to strive for taking the bread slices out with your hand because they are still too deep stuck inside. This model comes with a high rise toast lift that does not only take the bread slices out high enough for you to grab them with ease, but also allows you to take out your buns and bagels without putting your fingers inside the toaster. For many, this is a pretty handy feature that they would not like to do without.


Anti-jam feature

The manufacturer of this particular model apparently thought of everything, including the less pleasant events that may occur when you are toasting bread. The anti-jam feature makes sure your bread never remains stuck inside, risking to burn it and, along with it, the toaster, too. It is a great thing that this model has a focus on safety, since it will help you keep away from trouble.


Other convenient features

A few convenient features add to the appeal of this toaster. The Cool Touch exterior reduces the risk of injuring yourself in the kitchen. Even if the temperature inside is scorching hot, nothing will be felt on the outside, so you will be safe touching the casing. 7 shades of browning are available with the browning selector and the cancel function allows you to stop the unit in case you believe your bread is toasted enough. Its crumb tray can be washed in your dishwasher, for more convenience.



Toasting bread and warming up bagels is made simple with this dependable toaster. The Sunbeam 3819 is a great kitchen helper that makes sure your bread does not remain stuck inside, due to its anti-jam feature and its high rise lift. Convenient and easy to use, this is a toaster you should buy for your morning meals. A browning selector and a dishwasher safe crumb tray make it extremely convenient. Equipped with extra wide slots, it does a great job with different bread thicknesses.


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