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Recession proof thanks to how it appeals to the tastebuds of both the young and the young-at-heart, a cotton candy business won’t entail too much start up cost. It can even be a home-based business or be operated part time. Simple and relatively inexpensive, this type of business requires a quality cotton candy machine that sells for around US$2,000 or so. A future cotton candy magnate can even buy supplies in bulk since they are relatively inexpensive.

Consider a cotton candy business like any other small business you want to get serious with. Formulate a business plan that you can effectively implement on the budget you set for it. Start-up costs can go anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on what you want to invest in. Realistically, a cotton candy business delivers 90 percent profit.


Scout for a good location.

If your home is in a location with heavy traffic, you can start your cotton candy business there. You can also check out other locations in your community.

Some people start out with a booth at festivals. Try making some business at sports events, flea markets, school picnics, fairs, public markets, beach locations, neighborhood socials, parades, parks and community events, church and synagogue events. Any location or event where families congregate is always a good choice.

One can run a cotton candy kiosk, trailer or sales cart during the weekends only and still be able to rake in about $1000 for each day of operation.



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Check out cotton candy equipment and supplies.

You can find commercial cotton candy machines sold second hand for as cheap as $2000. With a durable and premium quality machine, you can easily maximize profit and production. A good cotton candy making machine can churn out about 200 bags or cones of cotton candy every hour, so if your candy cone sells for $2 each, you earn $400 per hour. Deduct about $50 to offset the costs of supplies, and you could make $350 of profits easily.

You can also purchase a small trailer that can be converted to a mobile sales booth, or simply a sales kiosk or cart. You will also need to invest in advertising signs, plastic containers for the cotton candy flavoring, labels, cotton candy sugar and other supplies.

You will also need some cotton candy bags and cones.

Make sure your supplies are complete. Buy them in bulk from a store selling wholesale or specialty candy sellers. By making sure you have everything you need, you will be ready to make high volume sales.

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Treat your customers to some noteworthy and exciting cotton candy flavors- not just the usual.

Before heading out to offer your customers the best cotton candy experience of their lives, be prepared to do some patient and diligent research on what can titillate the tastebuds of the young and the young-at-heart. Lemon, mint and other common flavors are a good way to start, but you should also experiment with others such as caramel, chocolate, carrot cake and cheesecake. You can use fragrant or mature oils including lavender, rose and coriander.

Essential oils can be used, since every one of them acts with the same potency as the other. Bear in mind that too much can overpower the other flavors, and this can also include the sweetness factor. Make sure the oils you use do not pose a health hazard to your buyers. Essential oils of good quality make a good investment and should last long.

Candy or flavoring oils do not have the same potency as essentials since they are diluted down from 2 to 5 percent as against what essential oils can offer. However, using the actual flavoring liquid is safe and won’t result in too many errors. By using less essential oil, one can easily combine flavoring and essential oils.

You can also try out juice sprays, zests and other flavoring elements to flavor the cotton candy sugar itself. Use such types of elements sparingly, as they tend to directly affect the drying process of the cotton candy sugar. Finely grated flavoring agents may seem like a good idea, but they are actually not since anything used to flavor the cotton candy sugar has to be sifted out prior to cotton candy cooking.

The modifiable flavor of light corn syrup makes it a great cotton candy ingredient, and flavoring cotton candy with the substance is easy. The bad rep it has limits the usability of light corn syrup, but it does impart a distinct mellow flavor that can be difficult to resist. Use this item only as an option and not a regular thing.

Make sure that when you add flavors or oils to the cotton candy sugar, use just a drop or two or a small spray pump to infuse the flavor at least a few feet from the sugar to ensure consistent distribution. Make sure the sugar is completely dry, removing any excess agents from the cotton candy sugar granules. Protection Status