Making your own milk, raw milk or soups has never been so easy as it is today when you can find the right devices that make this process an easy and enjoyable one.

Adopting a healthier diet is a global trend, and SoyaJoy took this opportunity to create a new model that replaces the former ones, that features an increased capacity and an improved bottom heating technology.


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According to many opinions, stainless steel remains the top material for beautiful and durable kitchen appliances that are also food-safe, thus ensuring that no chemicals get into your meals.

SoyaJoy’s Milk Maker features an all stainless steel grinding element and cooking chamber, while the overall design provides a stylish and elegant touch to any kitchen interior. The Perfect Grind technology ensures an optimum milk yield so that you get the best nutrients from your favorite ingredients.

The 4th-generation filter-free internal construction ensures easy cleaning, while the advanced temperature and water level sensors provide the necessary intelligent cooking capability that helps you achieve great results while saving time in the process.

Moreover, the boil-over sensor placed on the top of the machine detects and stops messes before they can happen, providing a reliable functionality that saves your time by preventing any necessary kitchen cleaning.


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Besides the beautiful stainless steel construction, the Milk Maker’s pitcher also includes useful water level markings stamped into it, allowing you to know when the liquid amount is just right.

Furthermore, built with usability in mind, the device features five functions that allow you to choose your cooked or raw plant-based types of milk, soups or porridges at the touch of a button. These are conveniently placed on the exterior display and all you need to do is get your ingredients inside and push the preferred button.


If you’ve chosen to eat healthier food, and especially if you’ve adopted a raw vegan diet, then you surely know how important is to keep diversifying your menu in order to get all the necessary nutrients and maintain a balanced diet.

SoyaJoy’s Milk Maker makes this task an easier one since it’s a versatile machine that can help you prepare a wide range of types of milk and soups. You can choose beans, grains, or nuts, and enjoy all their benefits by quickly making fresh batches of homemade milk in the comfort of your kitchen.



SoyaJoy’s Soy Milk Maker & Soup Maker is an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable tool that will render the process of making plant-based milk and soups an easy and enjoyable one. The great design, construction, and capabilities will help you get excellent results, especially if you need to make larger batches for everyday use.

The full package includes a metal mesh sieve that helps you strain the milk, as well as a plastic pitcher and handle that both work with the strainer. The additional elements that come with the Milk Maker are a power cord, a cleaning pad and a user manual that clearly explains everything you need to know about the device.


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