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1.1 Tortilla Press Heavy Cast Iron

The good

Enjoy a traditional design and equally traditional benefits of a high quality tortilla press, by getting this model from Smart Cook.

Making perfectly round tortillas is easy with this 8 inch tortilla press that guarantees that you will get the results you want every time.

You can use the Smart Cook Tortilla Press for turning masa into tortillas and other flabreads made with corn, as well as flatbread varieties made with flour.

The model is long lasting and durable, since it is made of heavy duty cast iron, often used for tortilla presses in Mexico and other Latin America countries.


The bad

A minor issue you will encounter with tortilla makers and presses in general is that you will not get the same paper thin thickness you see in tortillas sold in stores. These tortillas are made by industrial machines and that is why they are so thin; however, the main disadvantage is represented by the ingredients that are not of the same high quality as the ones you use at home when cooking for your family. The Smart Cook Tortilla Press does not make paper thin tortillas, but it certainly makes healthier tortillas than what you can get in stores.


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My opinion on this product


There is no better design for a tortilla press than a traditional design. While there are experienced cooks in Latin America that are perfectly capable of turning masa dough into the thinnest tortillas using nothing but their hands, many people in these countries prefer using a tortilla press to make their tortillas and other flatbreads. The traditional design of the Smart Cook Tortilla Press is a guarantee that it works as intended and it helps you prepare all the tortillas you want with great ease, and abiding by the same rules governing the making of tortillas in the traditional way.

1.2 Tortilla Press Heavy Cast Iron

This 8 inch tortilla press is a great addition to any kitchen since it will allow you to make a lot of tortillas within a short time. Now you no longer have to worry about your tortillas not being perfectly round. This press will help you get the best results each and every time.


No matter what kind of recipes you have in mind, either you intend to use flour or corn, you will be able to turn them into reality with the help of this tortilla press. Flatbreads are the foundation of Mexican cuisine, and being able to make them in your own kitchen will help you make all the recipes you want with minimum effort.


Made of heavy duty cast iron, this model is built to last. Cast iron does tend to rust, but if it is properly dried, it will maintain in great shape for many years.



Finding the best tortilla maker may not be easy, but if you go with the tried and tested, you can never go wrong. Enjoying many positive reviews from buyers, the Smart Cook Tortilla Press is among the best you can find right now and preparing tortillas for your Mexican recipes will become easy.


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