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Sephra CF18M-SST Elite Chocolate Fountain Review


What recommends the Sephra CF18M-SST Elite Chocolate Fountain as the ultimate party entertainer is its outstanding quality. There may be a lot of models out there competing for the title of the best chocolate fountain, but this one is truly as close to it as a chocolate fountain can get. Offering a slightly larger capacity than other fountains sold on the market for home use, this one comes equipped with all kinds of nice extras and the best part is that it can work with other fondues. Settling for chocolate is always possible, but having so many options open is something to write home about. Here is more about why you should write down this chocolate fountain on your shopping wish list.

1.Sephra CF18M-SST Elite


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6 pound capacity

The first thing that should be mentioned about the Sephra CF18M-SST Elite Chocolate Fountain is that it can hold up to 6 pounds of melted chocolate at the same time. Home based models usually hold a small amount of chocolate, so they are not recommended for larger parties.

Offering 50% more capacity than regular models for home use, this fountain from Sephra is great for hosting slightly larger parties for your family and friends. After all, the last thing you need at a party is disgruntled guests who could not take advantage properly of the gorgeous chocolate fountain set in the middle of the festive table.

If you want to make your parties really great, opt for a model with a slightly larger capacity so you can accommodate more guests without a problem. This fountain fits the bill just nicely.


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Dishwasher safe

You will absolutely love how easy it is to clean this chocolate fountain once the party is over. Since you most certainly leave the heavy work to your dishwasher, it is good news to hear that the Sephra CF18M-SST Elite Chocolate Fountain can be taken apart and washed using this convenient home appliance. The basin is made of stainless steel, so it is also easy to clean. Durable and easy to maintain in great working order, this model is a nice addition to any party and it represents a great investment in all the fun time you and your guests will have.


Quiet operation

This is a great plus for any chocolate fountain and it is a great thing that this model has it. The Sephra fountain comes equipped with the Whisper Quiet technology, which is responsible for its very low level of noise. Parties where noise is frowned upon, or gatherings where the noise of a continuously working chocolate fountain can be deemed disturbing, are the indicated events for using this model. Your guests will be able to move around, chat and have fun, without even suspecting that the chocolate fountain has a working mechanism underneath all that chocolate goodness.

2.Sephra CF18M-SST Elite

Great add-ons

The outstanding quality of this model is what recommends it most. First of all, although that is not something you can notice with the naked eye, the device has a commercial grade heating element. This means that your chocolate will get melted and ready to use in no time. The smooth texture of chocolate fondue will be enjoyed by your guests to the maximum.

Another nice add-on of this model is represented by the possibility to adjust the temperature of chocolate, due to its electronic controls and four different temperature settings. In case your guests are more particular about this aspect, or you simply want to surprise them a bit, this is a great option to have at hand.

However, the add-on that should really be mentioned is the viscosity tunnel, whose main purpose is to mix well all kinds of other fondues. Are you not that fond of chocolate? The Sephra CF18M-SST Elite Chocolate Fountain lets you experience with other interesting mixes, such as caramel, cheese, ranch dressing or BBQ sauce for all kinds of parties.



If you are looking for the perfect party starter, you will feel hard pressed to find a better choice than the Sephra CF18M-SST Elite Chocolate Fountain. Offering you the possibility to experience with all kinds of fondues, so you can impress your guests with more than just delicious waves of flowing chocolate, this fountain is a recommended buy. Featuring quiet operation and nice add-ons for you to play with, the Sephra fountain reviewed here will help you create the best atmosphere for your parties, so that your guests will all spend a wonderful time in your company. Get some great quality fondues and start enjoying the outstanding results this chocolate fountain provides you with each and every time.


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