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Raclette is a particular type of cheese that originates from Switzerland. Nowadays, the term raclette has two meanings. On the one hand, the word refers to the actual cheese we were mentioning. On the other hand, it primarily relates to using an ad hoc raclette grill with friends. Most people in the United States have little to no experience when it comes to hosting and organizing raclette grill parties. If you feel like you’re in the dark about the topic, we’re here to help.

We have collected some of the best tips and tricks that one may use during his or her raclette grill parties. Just remember, the neat thing about this type of meal is that the individuals around the table get to cook their food.

On this account, it’s a time-saver, as you won’t be forced to spend countless hours in the kitchen to prepare elaborate dishes. As long as you’re sharing the meal with friends and family, throwing a raclette party is a nice way of bonding with your loved ones.



The grill


Using a raclette grill doesn’t have to be hard. If this is your first time, all you need to do is read the manual and take into account the instructions. Some units will require you to heat them up for about twenty to twenty-five minutes. You can do so either before your guests start showing up or once they’ve reached your home.

The grill surface should be sprayed with a little oil. Salt is a great way of avoiding food to get stuck on the surface, so be sure to sprinkle some before starting to use the grill. Stick to regular salt because the one containing herbs can inevitably affect the quality and taste of the oil and make the surface a whole lot harder to clean.



Use the best ingredients


Simpler is better, in this case, as you’ll soon find out. As its name suggests, the core ingredient of a raclette party is cheese. People use various types of cheeses, and it doesn’t matter which one you prefer, as long as it’s coarse and somewhat cold. Other common ingredients include vegetables, potatoes, fruit, meat, and even fish.

If you want your meat to end up tasting and looking good, you might want to consider marinating it. Precooked and finely cut meat can be used as well, which is why some users prefer getting some from a deli.

Side dishes aren’t a headache, as you’re likely to serve a simple salad, slaw included. Want to take your raclette party to a whole new level? Consider buying or baking several types of bread and serving them along the rest of the ingredients.



Vegetarian raclette ingredients


As previously mentioned, vegetables are excellent for the raclette grill. After performing an extensive research, we have found that some of the favorite vegetarian ingredients include broccoli florets, cauliflower, heirloom grape tomatoes, and a variety of pickles that may range from pickled pearl onions to pickled jalapenos.

Some of these ingredients you may grill while you may serve others on the side.

Nobody said that you weren’t allowed to use fruit, and so consider apples and pears. All of these ingredients can do wonders uncooked because the ones sharing the table will do the cooking to each and everyone’s heart’s content. However, since potatoes are something else, we recommend preboiling them.


The raclette grill party step by step


To make matters even easier, we’ve compiled a list of the steps you must complete to enjoy a simple yet perfectly satisfying meal. Start by setting up the table and putting your grill in the center. Continue with placing the ingredients, be they meat or vegetables, in platters or bowls.

Next, heat the grill and spray it with some non-stick oil. Pour some salt on the cooking surface and continue by cooking your veggies, meats or fish on the grill. The cheese should be melted in a pan underneath the grill, as the unit will undoubtedly feature it if it has been specially designed for this kind of event.



Post-party cleanup


Some individuals can be bothered with the amount of cheesy smells that have been accumulating in the room while they’re doing the cooking. If this is your case, all you need to do is freshen it up by airing or by ventilating. Even if you have aired out your entire house, you may still be under the impression you can feel the cheesy smell. Subsequently, use an oil burner or clove-studded lemon or oranges. Just remember, nothing beats spending time with friends and family around a table filled with happy thoughts and warmth. Protection Status