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1.2 Pizzacraft Pizzeria

The good

Its compact size and durable construction makes this the best pizza oven for tailgating and camping.

You will appreciate how easy this pizza oven from Pizzacraft is to use and maintain.

Capable of quickly preheating up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, it will also turn out perfectly crisp and brown thin crust pizzas quickly and easily.

This outdoor oven features a unique design that ensures hot and delicious pizzas, frozen and ready to bake foods in minutes.


The bad

It should be noted that this outdoor pizza oven is only compatible with propane fuel, which might not be ideal for those who only have access to lower pressure natural gas canisters.


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My opinion on this product


Measuring 19.5″ long this pizza oven is designed to be portable and easily fit on the back of tailgates or on picnic tables. The sturdy construction ensures that the pizza oven can withstand the rigors of outdoor use and the attached legs provide plenty of stability, even on rugged tailgates. The legs also prevent the pizza oven from burning or scratching wood tables so you can easily set it up on almost any surface.


One of the advantages of this pizza oven is how easy and convenient it is to use and maintain. It comes with the hose and connector so you can easily attach the oven to a portable propane tank and the flame can be adjusted with the convenient knob. The pizza tray slides out for easy cleaning, and the sleek surface can be quickly wiped down when you are done.


Pizzacraft has designed this portable oven to heat up quickly and efficiently, and it is capable of reaching internal temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in only ten minutes. It can also bake a perfectly browned thin crust pizza in 5 minutes, and be ready for you to slide the next one in. This makes it perfect for large outdoor gatherings when everyone wants a slice of delicious fresh baked pizza.


What really sets this model apart is its unique design that helps to ensure authentic brick oven baked appearance and flavor. The domed lid is vented to allow excess moisture to escape, and the inventive reflective shield ensures heat evenly bakes the top of the pizza. The oven uses a cordierite stone that bakes the crust to a crisp golden brown, and you’ll love how the pizza tastes when the ingredients are baked at the same temperature as the crust.

1.1 Pizzacraft Pizzeria


Bring something different than burgers and wings to a tailgating party or enjoy a hot and delicious freshly baked pizza on your next camping trip. Designed to be portable and easy to use, even first time chefs can bake a perfect pizza with this convenient oven. The vented openings prevent soggy crusts and the unique design ensures that the top and bottom heat evenly, so your pizza looks and tastes like it was made in an authentic pizzeria.


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