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Panini Sandwich Recipes


You may have heard about panini sandwiches in the past and you may have wondered: what is a panini sandwich? Panini is a term derived from the Italian word panino which describes a sandwich that is made with other things than sliced bread. In the US, Panini sandwiches are much loved, and they are quite a fixture in the country’s many menus. In case you are looking for panini sandwich recipes, the following ideas will help you get started.

Panini Sandwich Recipes


Panini with grilled cheese and ham – the classic

A very simple solution to your very first step in the world of Panini sandwiches is represented by the grilled cheese and ham variety. If you want to keep things Italian, you should go for mozzarella, but, otherwise, this recipe is pretty straightforward. Cut a loaf of Italian bread in two horizontally, and then in four vertically, to obtain the necessary bread for four sandwiches. On one part of bread, place a thin layer of ham, then add baby spinach leaves, and then get generous with the grilled cheese, by adding two layers. Cover with the other matching half of bread and proceed the same with all the other three. Use a Panini press to achieve that crispy texture for the bread that these sandwiches are so famous for.


Go sophisticated with a Mediterranean inspired sandwich

When learning how to make the best sandwich, you will surely stumble upon many good ideas, so, in time, you may want more than just the same old, same old, ham and cheese. When it comes to Panini sandwiches, a sophisticated alternative is a Mediterranean inspired sandwich. Use fontina cheese or Talaggio, and skip meat altogether. Instead, accompany the rich taste of these cheeses with baby artichokes sautéed in a bit of olive oil, tomatoes, parsley and a handful of black olives cured in oil. Just a bite of this sandwich will make you feel like your palate is visiting Italy for a few moments.



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Do not be afraid of more daring combinations

If you are the kind who is always ready for a culinary adventure, do not forget that Panini sandwiches can be pretty adventurous, too. Take the classic combination of ham and cheese and add a bit of pineapple and a few fresh leaves of basil. Pineapple is known to be a great meat tenderizer, so don’t be surprised to find your ham tasting differently. The sweet taste of pineapple also enriches in a particular manner this classic sandwich and the basil leaves will make it taste really Italian.


Mix mozzarella with peppers and pesto

An easy recipe you will surely love is as follows. Get mozzarella, pesto and roasted red peppers and place everything between two slices of bread. Press the Panini sandwiches in a Panini press or Panini sandwich maker until the mozzarella starts melting. The combination is extremely tasty, and the sandwiches will simply melt in your mouth, that is how tasty they are.

Do not be afraid to experience. After all, the Italian cuisine is known for its rich taste and variety of dishes because of the freedom chefs take in coming up with new recipes. Protection Status