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The good

This model provides superb even toast for any kind of bread slice and bagels.

With its large and wide slots it can accommodate a huge variety of bread sizes, allowing it to toast up to four bread slices at a time making it the best toaster from Oster we tested this year.

We also love its plenty of convenient features like the anti-jam system or the auto shut down function.

The toaster is capable of delivering up to seven toast shades, from the lightest one to full dark.

With durable construction and resistant stainless steel frame, expect this toaster to function for many years.


The bad

Our only mention worth noting is about the length of the power cord. Knowing that this problem can be easily solved by a simple power extender, we wished for a slightly longer power cord. Except for this small issue, this toaster impressed us a lot with its functionality and ease of use.

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My opinion on this product


One of the most important features of a good toaster is its ability to deliver an even toast each time, regardless of the bread slice used. Tested over and over again, the Oster TSSTTRDFL1 impressed us with its toast quality and consistency.


All the Oster TSSTTRDFL1 Designed for Life toaster reviews mention its superb long toast slots. This excellent feature gives it plenty of flexibility, allowing it to toast any kind of bread slice, frozen product or baguette that you can buy right now. Helping it accommodate many slices at once, the large toast slots come to the rescue of anyone wishing for a fast and efficient toaster.


Designed to function as smooth as possible, the Oster TSSTTRDFL1 is packed with a lot of hidden features. The new anti-jam system prevents the bread slice to get stuck, while the auto shut down lets you work on other chores without the need to keep a constant eye on the toaster. All these excellent features make it the best toaster with extra long slots available at the moment.


Offering its users the biggest possible flexibility, this toaster comes with an excellent toast shade control. Depending on the selected settings, the Oster TSSTTRDFL1 toaster can deliver anything between light shade toasts to deep dark toasts.


When it comes to durability this toaster has it all. Featuring a full stainless steel frame, this toaster is built to last for years and years. Praised by all its users for its durability and resilience, the Oster TSSTTRDFL1 comes with an excellent five year warranty, a testimony of its excellent manufacturing quality and endurance.



Created by the one of the best and most renowned kitchen appliance manufacturers, this quality toaster is one of the best models you can get right now. With its excellent design, allowing it to accommodate any possible slice bread or frozen product sizes, the Oster TSSTTRDFL1 is by far the best 4 slice toaster available on the market. Durable, simple to use and packed with plenty of extra features, this is one of the best choices for anyone who looks for a good and efficient toaster for them and their family.


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