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Oster TSSTJC5BBK 2-Slice Toaster Review


The good

This toaster features an excellent design with superb brushed steel finishing that complements any modern kitchen.

Its long and wide toasting slots are capable of using even the largest size bread or bagel types.

Its simple and comfortable control panel features a complete set of toaster commands, including a seven toast shade level adjustment control and a defrosting mode selector.

Durable and reliable, it is one of the best brushed stainless steel toaster you will ever use.


The bad

After extensive testing, we barely could find something to pick on. While not necessarily a deal breaker, we found that the power cord is a bit too short for our taste. This fairly common problem can be easily solved by using an extension cord if needed.


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My opinion on this product


One of the most stylish and modern looking toasters, the Oster TSSTJC5BBK comes with a superbly good looking design. With its simple and elegant lines and brushed metal finishing, this toaster can easily surpass even the most expensive models, making it one of the most eye catching kitchen appliances on the market today.


When it comes to functionality, this toaster uses two wide and long toasting slots that can accommodate any possible toasting product available for purchase. By far the best toaster from Oster, this model can use anything from bagels to large artisan bread slices and from hamburger buns to frozen waffles. With its smart auto-adjusting guides, the Oster TSSTJC5BBK is one of the most adaptable and versatile models, capable of evenly toast any possible bread and bagel size.


A simple to use control panel gives users full control over the entire toasting process. Allowing them to choose the browning shade intensity, a seven option dial will make sure that the toasting will perfectly match the desired color. Simple push buttons are available for selecting the toast mode from simple to bagel, and the desired function, toast or frozen. Additionally, a cancel button allows its user to stop the toasting at once.


With its sturdy construction and stainless steel finishing, this toaster sports excellent durability. Regarded by all the Oster TSSTJC5BBK toaster reviews as one of the most reliable and sturdy toasters of the year, this model will deliver excellent quality toast for a long time. Easy to maintain and clean, this toaster is praised by all its users for its superb brushed steel finishing that keeps its superb good looks even after intense usage.



Getting a good and reliable toaster is not a simple task, but the Oster TSSTJC5BBK makes it all too easy. With its impressive modern design and high quality brushed steel finishing, this toaster is one of the most beautiful and fancy looking models you will ever own. Functional and versatile, comfortable and simple to use, this toaster can deliver excellent toast quality regardless of the type of food used. Using its smart toasting slots, the Oster TSSTJC5BBK is capable of toasting any bread and bagel variant, making it ideal for home use. Recommended by all, this toaster is by far one of the best toasters money can buy this year.


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