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Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Cotton Candy Maker Review


This quirky looking cotton candy maker is bound to make the sensation of any birthday party, due to its fun design, and, of course, the ability to magically transform any piece of hard candy into spun sugar on a stick. You can even make sugar free cotton candy, if you want your kids to keep the sugar intake low, or if you want to indulge in this guilty pleasure, but without having to face the consequences, once you get on the scale. The Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Cotton Candy Maker has everything you need in a machine for home use and it is considered by many buyers the best cotton candy machine for small parties and similar events.

2.Nostalgia Electrics PCM805


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A home based version of the famous cotton candy machine

You may have heard only of cotton candy machines used for commercial purposes, so getting one for home use may sound like a dream come true. The model offered by Nostalgia Electrics is not very large, but this does not mean that it cannot supply a bunch of rowdy kids with their sugar fix in no time. Ideal for home use, this will easily become your greatest ally whenever you decide to organize a party, or you want to offer your kids a sweet treat fast and with minimum of effort from your part. Because of its small size, the model is easy to accommodate on a kitchen countertop, without any problems.


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Great performance

As any appliance created by Nostalgia Electrics, this model offers great performance to the user. No matter what kind of sugar you intend to use or hard candy, the machine will work like a charm and everyone in the family will be able to enjoy their favorite treats while watching the process through the transparent rim. If you decide to get this particular machine, you will not be disappointed. While not a model intended for commercial use, this one gets the job done whenever there is a party around the corner, so you can count on its great performance and fun factor.


Easy to clean

The Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Cotton Candy Maker is made of hard plastic that is easy to clean and to maintain. All the products made by this company are made of high quality materials that are also easy to maintain. You can wipe the surface with a damp cloth, or dissemble the product and wash it, when the need arises. Either way, you will find this model very convenient, as far as cleaning and maintenance are concerned.


Fun and quirky design

The first thing you will probably notice about the cotton candy maker reviewed here will be its quirky design. A machine making cotton candy should never look otherwise; after all, kids love cotton candy, but they love it even more when it is made by a fun looking device such as this.

The white and pink color scheme is reminiscent of childhood and a carefree life. Whenever you feel like going back in time and enjoy the lack of worries only early years can claim, stuffing a bit of cotton candy in your mouth will take you there right away. Because the Nostalgia Electrics cotton candy maker is such a nice looking device, you will find it even more exciting to start making cotton candy for your kids, their friends, and even for yourself.

1.Nostalgia Electrics PCM805

One thing you will notice about the design is that the model comes with a translucent bowl. The rim is made of transparent plastic, so anyone can sneak a peek inside and see how cotton candy is made. Nostalgia Electrics is known for creating very visually appealing appliances and this cotton candy machine is no exception to the rule. Sold along with two reusable plastic cones for cotton candy, and a measuring cup for sugar, the Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Cotton Candy Maker is one great buy for your entire family.



With so many cotton candy makers available on the market, it may not seem very easy to make a choice. The Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Cotton Candy Maker is a great combination between quirky looks that will make the soul of any party and outstanding performance, which is what any buyer wants from a machine of this kind. Offering one of the best solutions for creating cotton candy at home, this model is highly appreciated by parents and kids alike. If you want to put a smile on your kids’ faces with a quick and easy to make sweet treat, there is hardly a better choice than this cotton candy maker.


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