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Nostalgia Electrics CFF965 Mini Chocolate Fondue Fountain Review


Make any special event even more special with the Nostalgia Electrics CFF965 Mini Chocolate Fondue Fountain. This is a machine that generates fun during parties, allowing party goers to enjoy terrific chocolate-coated food items such as strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows, crackers, biscuits and more. This fondue fountain enhances plain-looking food items with a coating of liquid chocolate, impressing guests with a unique way of serving food during the party. By creating a cascade of sweetness, the chocolate fondue fountain adds delectable fun to any occasion. Just pour in the specified quantity of either dark or white chocolate to the base and turn the motor on.

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A great party treat

The chocolate is driven up the tower and made to flow down each tier of the fountain, creating a fascinating display that will surely have guests coming back for more awesome chocolaty sweetness.The mini chocolate fondue fountain is a two-tier plastic tower equipped with auger-style operation, which is a mechanism employing a revolving helical screw blade typically within a tube to move the liquid chocolate upwards toward the upper level. Able to hold up to 1.5 pounds of melted chocolate, the fondue fountain does not run through a pump to simplify operation and reduce the mess. It has a single heat and motor control knob to make control and operation less complicated.


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Multiple uses

Made of stainless steel and durable plastic, the fondue fountain runs quietly thanks to the absence of a pump. It has a 24-ounce capacity to supply an endless stream of sweet chocolate for coating a variety of food items.This mini chocolate fondue fountain can also handle barbecue and cheese sauces so you can serve something different to your guests every time. It makes an impressively elegant addition to any party table. The machine runs quietly as well, so the party ambience is not unduly disturbed by a noisy motor. This machine offers a new way to enjoy finger food at parties.
1.3 Nostalgia Electrics CFF965

Easy to clean

The unit disassembles easily so you can effortlessly clean it up after use. The legs of the machine can be adjusted to ensure stability so when the surface you place the machine on isn’t level, it is the machine that does the adjustment. The Nostalgia Electrics CFF965 Mini Chocolate Fondue Fountain is a terrific way to dress up party food, enabling you to make different small food items more appetizing. You will love how it makes ordinary strawberries look superbly delectable. Ordinary marshmallows look fluffier and richer. Pretzels are easily biteable and exciting. Plain cookies look more appetizing.



The fondue fountain gives a whole new meaning to party food, making it sweeter and more fun. It provides a less expensive way to create party food that is not boring or typical. The machine creates fun with every piece of chocolate-coated food item. The machine won’t take up a lot of space so placement is easy. It runs via a standard AC socket and won’t cost an arm and a leg to buy. Get it for your next special occasion and make the party come alive instantly. This is the best chocolate fountain for children’s parties and weddings.


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