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If you’ve been looking for a nice addition for your kitchen or simply plan to take your upcoming reception or event to a whole new level, you’re probably in need of a new chocolate fountain. We’ve found that the Nostalgia Electrics CFF1000 is among the most critically acclaimed models in the line, as it can accommodate up to two pounds of chocolate and can be used for a wide variety of other purposes aside from impressing your guests. Besides, the model is relatively easy to install and uninstall, which gives you the freedom to use it at your home or the one of a friend or acquaintance.

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Adults and children alike tend to get excited at the idea of using a fondue fountain, but sometimes it might be difficult to explain to kids that they don’t have the permission to eat that chocolate because it might not be healthy for them. That’s why the manufacturing brand has made it possible for this unit to be designed without the use of BPA. Although the tiers have been mainly made out of high-impact plastic, they are perfectly safe to use.


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Versatility doesn’t have to come at a high cost

One of the main reasons you might feel tempted to go for the Nostalgia Electrics alternative is that it doesn’t limit you in terms of what you can use for your fondue. We’ve noticed that people use various kinds of cheeses and barbecue sauces so that they take their gatherings to a whole new level. It’s true that the capacity of this unit is lower when compared to others that are available for sale nowadays, but if you’re looking for a rather affordable chocolate fountain that does what it’s supposed to do and comes with a neat-looking design, perhaps this model is worth a try.

Easy to use and convenient

When it comes to cleaning your appliances, nothing beats convenience as you’ll be able to uninstall them in a timely fashion and wipe and wash all of the components clean. This is the case with the Nostalgia Electrics CFF1000 as we’ve noticed that most of the people who’ve taken the time to write favorable reviews regarding the performance of the model also addressed the ease of cleaning and maintaining. The only minor inconvenience we came across consist of the fact that the heating element might fail to keep the same temperature all throughout the operation, which makes the chocolate a bit sticky after one to two hours.

1.Nostalgia CFF1000


If you’re in the market for a financially accessible chocolate fountain that’s relatively small-sized, versatile, and built to impress, the Nostalgia Electrics CFF1000 might be just the right choice for you. In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of the friendly price it’s now being sold at, given that most online retailers offer it for less than sixty dollars.


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