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1.3 Morning Star - Crepe Maker Pro

The good

Your crepes and blintzes will be delicate and delicious, when cooked with the Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro, due to its non-stick surface and superior performance.

The temperature dial is perfect for adjusting the temperature, so that you never burn your crepes.

You can use the large 13 inch aluminum plate for making other dishes, like eggs, bacon and more.

The batter spreader provided with your purchase will help you achieve the thinnest crepes possible.

The crepe maker is easy to clean and to maintain.


The bad

The only thing that can be said about the Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro, when it comes to aspects that are not loved by everyone is that this crepe maker makes really large crepes. In case this is not to your liking, you can choose a model of a smaller size. However, for a really tasty treat in the morning, having large crepes to fill with delicious foods is an advantage for most people who love crepes and pancakes.


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My opinion on this product


The non-stick cooking surface of the Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro makes it a fine choice as a kitchen aid. The surface will make sure that you will not have to scrape your pancakes off the crepe maker and you will also find it easy to clean after use. Most reviewers point out that this unit offers superior performance and the crepes obtained with it are really delicate and delicious.

1.2 Morning Star - Crepe Maker Pro

Adjusting the temperature is a very important feature to have in a crepe maker. When using this model, you will find it really easy to get the temperature right, because it comes equipped with a special temperature dial that puts you in charge. While there are other models that come with various temperature settings, this one lets you choose the exact temperature with great ease.


The crepe maker can be used for making a lot of breakfast foods, and not only pancake. Its generous in size aluminum plate is ideal for making eggs, frying bacon and other, more creative breakfast options. The great part is that the non-stick surface allows you to cook without grease, so you can maintain the fat intake to a minimum.


A batter spreader is offered when you purchase this crepe maker. Many people appreciate having one, because it helps you spread the batter evenly, so that your crepes are really thin. This is the secret of how perfect crepes come into being and now you can use it to make a great breakfast at home.


You will not have to worry that this crepe maker will add to your kitchen cleaning workload. Easy to wipe clean, this unit will be ready to be stored away after each use.

1.1 Morning Star - Crepe Maker Pro


The Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro is considered the best crepe maker by many users, and for all the right reasons. An ideal kitchen helper for cooking an entire breakfast, this one makes it easy for you to make really thin crepes that everyone in your family will love.


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