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The good

This toaster impresses through its unique simplicity and ease of use.

Consumers highly appreciate the available different functions that let them toast, defrost and reheat slices of bread and bagels.

If you are particular about how brown you want your toast to be, the Living Home Kitchen Glass Clear View Long Slot 2-Slice Toaster is ideal for your tastes, with the different shades of browning you can obtain.

The model is easy to clean and to maintain.

The extra lift option comes in handy for those who want to toaster smaller slices of bread.


The bad

A lot of consumers consider this model to be the best toaster from Living Home Kitchen, and we believe they are right to say so. We tested the toaster to see all about its wonderful functionalities, and also to look for hidden flaws. The viewing feature is really great, but there is a minor downside to it. Children may feel tempted to touch the glass and that really gets hot. Just teach the kids to avoid touching the toaster when it operates, and you will not have to deal with any kitchen dramas.

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My opinion on this product


As far as toasters go, this one is in a league of its own. Through its design and simplicity, it is great to have in your kitchen. It is really thin and it takes very little counter space, so you will have no trouble accommodating it in your kitchen. Most of the Living Home Kitchen Glass Clear View toaster reviews you can read online praise this model for its ease of use. You can prepare two slices of toast at the same time, which is a great plus.


Having a few options on your toaster is highly desirable, even if most people simply want a toaster that does its job. As this toaster is already excellent and it provides great toast, we looked further into the available extra functions. We were pleased to discover that the toaster comes equipped with cancel, defrost, bagel and reheat options, which all come in handy when you are preparing breakfast and you are on the run.



Obtaining different shades of browning is often an issue with toaster users, and the Living Home Kitchen Glass Clear View Long Slot 2-Slice Toaster solves it in a very elegant manner. The viewing feature lets you monitor your toast as it gets prepared, so it will never be browner or lighter than you want it to be.


The removable crumb tray and the slid off glass are easy to remove and to wash, so your toaster will always be clean and ready to toast.


This model is famous for handling longer slices of bread, and it is actually considered the best long slot toaster by many users. A great upside is that because of its extra lift function, it can also prepare smaller pieces of bread with the same success.



The Living Home Kitchen Glass Clear View Long Slot 2-Slice Toaster is one of the best toasters out there and it manages to toast longer slices as well as smaller ones, without a glitch. Because of its unique design, it is a great add-on to any kitchen and you will surely love it.


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