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What truly makes this toaster stand out is its great versatility. You might just change your idea about breakfast and how toast can be used altogether. The Kenwood TTM610 Persona Collection is part of a collection of kitchen appliances meant to personalize your tea and toast experience. Along these lines, the product was designed to offer you more options than a regular toaster. Now you can use a toaster for toasting bread, turning your sandwiches into crisp delicious specialties, and warming up your pastry so you can enjoy an English breakfast, or 5 o’clock tea in style. If versatility and ability to deliver are two things you are after in a toaster, then this model is just what you are looking for.



My opinion on this model


More than just a simple toaster

A toaster is for toasting bread, or at least that used to be the definition of this common kitchen appliance until not so long ago. Not only you will toast your bread to perfection when using the Kenwood TTM610 Persona Collection, but you will also be able to turn any meal around. You will be able to use this for toasting sandwiches, including the Panini type that is all the rage right now. Indulging in Italian style sandwiches is not the only thing this toaster helps you with. Due to its 4 pre-set heating settings, you will be able to toast bagels, too. In case you are in the mood for something French, finding out that this toaster deals well with croissants, as well, may count as a big plus in your book. All these are possible because of the wide, long slots this toaster comes equipped with.


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You are in total control

Who doesn’t like toasted bread that is nothing but perfection? The adjustable browning control puts you in charge and you can fiddle around with the controls until you achieve the shade you like best. Do you want even more control? The Peek & View option lets you see over the progress so you can achieve the perfect shade of brown you are after. A Cancel function is available, so you can intervene when you believe that the perfect result is already achieved.


Awesome extras

From a model so capable, one can only expect further greater things. Some awesome extras complete the picture. A sandwich cage will cradle your sandwiches so they are brought to perfect crispiness just as you like them. The lever for easy removal comes in handy when you want to take out your toasted bread. The model can be operated from both left and right and the illuminated controls are easy to read. A crumb tray is available so you can do some clean up fast and easy.



The Kenwood TTM610 Persona Collection is truly an item deserving of being included in a personal collection of kitchen appliances. Offering you the possibility to choose your perfect shade of brown and putting you in charge of the monitoring process, this is a complete toaster. Ideal for warming up and crisping to perfection Panini sandwiches and croissants, among other, rightfully considered exotic for a toaster, items, this model is a great recommendation for anyone.


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