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Kalorik Glass TO 39085 SS 2-Slice Toaster Review


The Kalorik Glass TO 39085 SS is a great two slice slot toaster, equipped with wide slots that allow you to warm up pastry, make toast and enjoy a great breakfast in just a few easy steps. All the needed functions you would expect in a two slice toaster are present, which makes it a complete product that you will enjoy to the max.


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You can choose the shade of brown you prefer for your toast

The adjustable browning knob allows you to pick the shade of brown you prefer for your toast. Since many people can have different preferences when it comes to browning shades, this is a great plus for a toaster. You just need to fiddle with the browning knob until you reach the preferred shade of brown and just let the machine do its job.


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It is great for bagels, too, and comes equipped with many useful functions

The slots on this toaster are 38mm wide, which means that you can accommodate more than just bread slices into the unit. It must be said that the model comes with a bagel function, so you can heat up your favorite pastry and have it for breakfast or as a snack when you feel like it. The auto-centering guide allows you to work with different slice thicknesses and the extra lift lets you use smaller pieces of bread, too. Other functions present on this model are Cancel, Defrost and Reheat, which are also handy for preparing different specialties for breakfast. The toaster has an auto shut off function for safety measures, and you don’t have to worry about any accidents happening in your kitchen.


The glass side lets you monitor the toasting process, and it is a nice design element

Although usually, the design of a toaster does not have anything to do with functionality, in this case, the glass side does more than just make the Kalorik Glass TO 39085 SS look pretty. Through the glass, you can monitor the browning process and eventually cancel the process if you find that the shade of brown you prefer is already achieved.


The toaster is easy to clean

As with any other toaster, the ease of cleaning is critical. There is a crumb tray that can be removed and cleaned after each use, or when you believe that it needs cleaning. Some buyers also say that removing the glass side and cleaning it is also a breeze. The slide out frame is an extra feature for easy cleaning, and it is greatly appreciated by users.



If you are looking for a great two slice toaster to prefer toast for breakfast every day, this model is in for the long haul. Its beautiful appearance makes it a great addition to your kitchen counter and the many functionalities it presents will convince you it is worth a try. The hassle free cleaning is another great plus that should be mentioned.


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