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Kalorik CHM 41044 BK Cascading Chocolate Fondue Fountain Review


Weighing in at just less than three pounds, the Kalorik 3 Tier Chocolate Fondue Fountain is a compact and lightweight 12.7-inch device that can make any special occasion more festive and classy. Holding about 1 ½ pounds of chocolate, the chocolate fondue fountain requires no pump to drive the melted chocolate through its two tiers. Employing an auger-style mechanism, the chocolate fountain produces a mesmerizing cascade of sweet or savory sauces such as chocolate, caramel, barbecue or cheese. Impress your friends, family and guests who can dip a variety of food items into the chocolate flow. You can coat cookies, fruits, pretzels, cookies, meat and other snack items to enjoy a sweet and decadent treat every time.

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A sure hit for parties

Outfitted with a thermostat, the chocolate fondue fountain delivers temperature control so you can control the heat that melts the chocolate, ensuring that a steady flow streams through the tiers without the risk of getting burned. The onboard safety fuse ensures that the unit can operate continuously without electrical burnout. The stainless steel basin has a capacity of 24 ounces to hold a large quantity of chocolate. The machine is engineered with your party needs in mind. It even comes with six stainless steel fondue forks for easy dipping of various food items. The heat-resistant plastic tower also ensures safe use. This unit is a personal type made portable for use in the home, or for events including family gatherings, dinners and parties. The three tiers include the topmost level on which you can place a lovely party topper.


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Simple to use

Easy to operate, this best chocolate fountain has a power indicator light that tells you when the unit is ready for use. The temperature of the chocolate is kept stable thanks to the innovative combination of the thermostat and the chrome dial. The considerably long 39.3-inch cord ensures that you can plug in the machine anywhere there’s a standard AC socket so you can easily place the unit in the middle of the party table. The auger propels the chocolate up the tower, initiating a lovely cascade down through the three tiers. This device can also be used with condiments, so it can be used for various events and applications. The adjustable feet ensure that the unit can operate smoothly and continuously while staying stable even when the surface is not exactly level.

1.1 Kalorik CHM 41044


Easy to clean

The auger eliminates the need for a noisy pump and also disassembles easily for hassle-free clean up. It also ensures less likelihood of jamming and clogging that can arise from too many parts in the machine. Available in a neutral black color, the chocolate fondue fountain has earned an ETL certification to ensure safe use. The limited one-year warranty provides an assurance of high quality and premium craftsmanship. The chocolate doesn’t have to be pre-melted before it is added to the basin.



This chocolate fondue fountain makes an impressive centerpiece on any party table, making events more stylish and impressive. See the eyes of your guests gleam excitedly with anticipation as they dip the various party foods laid out for easy coating with liquid chocolate.


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