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Cotton candy maker maintenance

  Making cotton candy or candy floss using your own cotton candy maker can be quite exciting and a lot of fun. This spun sugar confection, which is almost 100 percent sugar, can be enhanced with some food coloring and flavoring to make fantastic looking shapes in a variety of colors. Cotton candy is created by heating sugar to liquefy it, then spinning the liquefied sugar out through tiny holes in the machine, after which it immediately turns into solid and exceptionally minute strands of sugar glass. Basically, what you get is mostly air, with the strands being easily compressible

Chocolate fountain party use

  The most fascinating sight to behold during a party, besides your dream man or dream woman walking with you, is a chocolate fountain. The chocolate fondue or chocolate fountain is given a place of honor for party use, since it calls to mind endless frolicking in a rain of heavenly chocolate to wrap your favorite food items in the sweet embrace of the gods’ aphrodisiac that is chocolate. It can even be used for sauces and cheeses and condiments in some cases. If you are the party host, it is important to know how to go about setting up

Using a raclette grill for your next party

  Why simply host the party when you can join it with a raclette grill?   A raclette grill is an awesome device that not many people aside from expats and Europeans know about. The raclette grill is an exceptional tabletop grill that can be used not only for making raclette but also for melting cheese and cooking personal pizzas, crepes and Japanese pancakes. With it, partygoers can create personalized dishes while sharing stories, so the host is not left slaving over a hot grill just to get everybody’s favorite grilled food out. The cooking appliance melts cheese below while

How to use a crepe maker

  Learn how to make the best crepes for you & your family   Using an electric crepe maker doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you stick to some ground rules, you can enjoy deliciously fluffy crepes without the hassle of operating an unfriendly unit. Since we are committed to offering the best tips and pieces of advice to buyers out there, we have put together a short guide to help you understand just how you can make the most of your crepe maker.   Standard recipes   While the online environment is filled with recipes you might

Raclette grill party tips

  Raclette is a particular type of cheese that originates from Switzerland. Nowadays, the term raclette has two meanings. On the one hand, the word refers to the actual cheese we were mentioning. On the other hand, it primarily relates to using an ad hoc raclette grill with friends. Most people in the United States have little to no experience when it comes to hosting and organizing raclette grill parties. If you feel like you’re in the dark about the topic, we’re here to help. We have collected some of the best tips and tricks that one may use during

Tips for using the Babycakes cake pop maker

  The Babycakes Cake Pop Maker is one of the most popular units in the line, and if you’ve ended up here, you’re probably the happy owner of one such device. Congratulations! While making cake pops is not rocket science, some people might find it more difficult compared to others. Mixes differ greatly, and the ones you can make from scratch at home are sometimes even better than the ones you can buy online or at a store. We have decided to give you a helping hand with your first tries with the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker so that your

Cotton candy serving ideas

  Cotton candy isn’t just for kids. Most adults love the way it looks on the table, whether it is edible or not. Furthermore, it does wonders when it comes to decorating the table, particularly if you have a family over for lunch or dinner and they have kids. It goes without saying that the greatest advantage of cotton candy when it’s used as a decoration is that it’s perfectly edible and therefore poses no risk to the health and safety of kids. If you have been considering integrating some cotton candy into your serving routine or perhaps would like

Cleaning and maintaining your raclette grill

  A raclette grill is a nice way of gathering your friends and family around your living room table, while everyone cooks his or her food. It’s a fantastic method of avoiding to spend countless hours in the kitchen while preparing complicated dishes. However, once you have bought your unit, you need to learn how to maintain and clean it properly. After all, nothing beats maintenance when it comes to prolonging the life of a raclette grill. To make matters considerably easier, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that can assist you with using and maintaining your

The European Breakfast Explained

  Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and for all the right reasons. Continental breakfast is quite widespread in the US, being served mostly by restaurants and hotels. Studies show that Europeans are more aware of the importance of breakfast than Americans, with over 88% of British and over 95% of French eating breakfast every day. On the US soil, the percentage drops considerably, and just about 60-80% of Americans do not forget to skip breakfast. If you are interested what European breakfast is, and what Europeans eat for breakfast, in various countries, you will find

5 Tips for Mexican Food Preparation

  Mexican food is very popular today, mainly due to the small variety of ingredients used and the simplicity of the techniques employed. Of course, learning how to make tacos and burritos is pretty much like just scratching the surface of what Mexican food preparation means; there are more complex recipes originating from Mexico that beautifully blend the Central American, Spanish and Arab influences that create the amazing taste of Mexican dishes. Creating simple dishes, like quesadillas, is even easier today, since there are quesadillas makers sold for very cheap prices that can help you put together a Mexican dish

3 Must Have Kitchen Appliances for Outdoor Parties

  No matter the occasion, whether it is for celebrating a graduation, someone’s birthday, or simply because you want to have fun with your friends, an outdoor party is a great opportunity for bringing everyone you love together, and enjoying amazing food. Planning your outdoor party in advance requires some preparations, and having the best kitchen appliances ready for cooking is a must. Here are some ideas on 3 of the most useful kitchen appliances to use for outdoor parties, along with tips and tricks on how to use them for getting the best results. Make sure your guests will