Cotton Candy – A Delicious Treat

  Who doesn't love cotton candy? Even adults admit to this guilty pleasure and surrender to it from time to time. However, if you find that eating cotton candy on the street is a bit too extreme for a grownup, a certain way to enjoy this delicious treat is by making it at home. If you are searching for tips Read More

The best cake pop recipe

  Who can resist delicious bite-sized cake pops? These sweets on a stick let you enjoy the delicious taste of cake in a convenient and handy size. You can make cake pops in a variety of shapes and designs as well as different flavors.   Start with a basic recipe. For cake pops, you will need a fully cooled baked Read More

Starting a cotton candy business

  Recession proof thanks to how it appeals to the tastebuds of both the young and the young-at-heart, a cotton candy business won’t entail too much start up cost. It can even be a home-based business or be operated part time. Simple and relatively inexpensive, this type of business requires a quality cotton candy machine that sells for around US$2,000 Read More

Sandwich maker recipes

  There’s nothing like a terrific sandwich to make a hearty lunch. You can do plenty of lunchtime magic by whipping up a delicious sandwich using even some basic ingredients you can find in your kitchen or pantry. For that extra half an hour for lunch you would rather use productively when you have a sandwich maker, we suggest some Read More

Benefits of Mexican food

  Mexican food can come with high quantities of trans fat due to the lard employed to make tortillas and beans, along with great quantities of saturated fat from refried beans and cheese. However, even health conscious individuals can enjoy Mexican food by choosing nutritious alternatives that not only promote healthy eating but also let them enjoy that unparalleled Mexican Read More

Cleaning a raclette grill

  Learn how to keep your raclette grill clean   The raclette grill is terrific for cooking marinated food such as meats. The granite stone can get pretty hot and is able to keep its temperature, making it the favorite part of many users in their raclette grills. However, the discoloration and caramelization on the granite stone may make it Read More

Cotton candy maker maintenance

  Making cotton candy or candy floss using your own cotton candy maker can be quite exciting and a lot of fun. This spun sugar confection, which is almost 100 percent sugar, can be enhanced with some food coloring and flavoring to make fantastic looking shapes in a variety of colors. Cotton candy is created by heating sugar to liquefy Read More

Chocolate fountain party use

  The most fascinating sight to behold during a party, besides your dream man or dream woman walking with you, is a chocolate fountain. The chocolate fondue or chocolate fountain is given a place of honor for party use, since it calls to mind endless frolicking in a rain of heavenly chocolate to wrap your favorite food items in the Read More

Using a raclette grill for your next party

  Why simply host the party when you can join it with a raclette grill?   A raclette grill is an awesome device that not many people aside from expats and Europeans know about. The raclette grill is an exceptional tabletop grill that can be used not only for making raclette but also for melting cheese and cooking personal pizzas, Read More

How to use a crepe maker

  Learn how to make the best crepes for you & your family   Using an electric crepe maker doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you stick to some ground rules, you can enjoy deliciously fluffy crepes without the hassle of operating an unfriendly unit. Since we are committed to offering the best tips and pieces of advice Read More

Raclette grill party tips

  Raclette is a particular type of cheese that originates from Switzerland. Nowadays, the term raclette has two meanings. On the one hand, the word refers to the actual cheese we were mentioning. On the other hand, it primarily relates to using an ad hoc raclette grill with friends. Most people in the United States have little to no experience Read More

Tips for using the Babycakes cake pop maker

  The Babycakes Cake Pop Maker is one of the most popular units in the line, and if you’ve ended up here, you’re probably the happy owner of one such device. Congratulations! While making cake pops is not rocket science, some people might find it more difficult compared to others. Mixes differ greatly, and the ones you can make from Read More

Cotton candy serving ideas

  Cotton candy isn’t just for kids. Most adults love the way it looks on the table, whether it is edible or not. Furthermore, it does wonders when it comes to decorating the table, particularly if you have a family over for lunch or dinner and they have kids. It goes without saying that the greatest advantage of cotton candy Read More

Cleaning and maintaining your raclette grill

  A raclette grill is a nice way of gathering your friends and family around your living room table, while everyone cooks his or her food. It’s a fantastic method of avoiding to spend countless hours in the kitchen while preparing complicated dishes. However, once you have bought your unit, you need to learn how to maintain and clean it Read More

The European Breakfast Explained

  Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and for all the right reasons. Continental breakfast is quite widespread in the US, being served mostly by restaurants and hotels. Studies show that Europeans are more aware of the importance of breakfast than Americans, with over 88% of British and over 95% of French eating breakfast every day. Read More