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What Are Truffles and Where Can They Be Found?

  Once you become familiar with the basic cooking tips and tricks – for knowing how you can prepare a quick salad, you can get more info here – you are ready to dive deeper into the art of haute cuisine and learn more about premium ingredients and techniques. One of the most sought-after ingredients in the most refined cuisines is the truffle.  Truffles are commonly known as a type of rare and expensive mushroom. They are a prized delicacy, an ingredient that is used sparsely and with great consideration. Plus, they are one of the most costly ingredients in

How to Thicken Chili Without Losing Flavor?

  Becoming an expert in the art of cooking requires learning specific techniques and also acquiring as much knowledge as possible about ingredients, dishes, and cooking styles. In our recent post, we presented a simple technique for beginners. For those who are advanced and are interested in the special tips and tricks that make a difference, we are now discussing chili. Just like all famous dishes that are beloved all over the world, chili con carne, or simply chili, is as controversial as it is delicious. With a long and somewhat mysterious history, chili is one of the dishes that

How to Soften Cream Cheese

  Cream cheese and butter are amongst the most popular ingredients used in American cuisine, both for desserts and main dishes. However, getting them to the perfect temperature to be used in recipes requires some kitchen hacks, so you can find more info here on how to do that.    Why is it important to soften cream cheese before using it? Cream cheese and butter are dairy products that can only maintain their properties and shelf life when kept in the fridge. However, all recipes, including cheese dips, frostings, and those delicious cheesecakes require cream cheese to be softened before

Cream of Tartar Substitute Options You Can Try 

  Cream of tartar can easily get the nickname of the baker’s dream as it is one of the main ingredients in baking recipes but its uses are quite extensive. Generally used as a raising agent for baked goods, cream of tartar is quite expensive, so you should check it out here if you’re looking for more affordable replacements that won’t alter the taste or consistency of your recipes.    What is cream of tartar and how is it used? Cream of tartar or a powdered form of tartaric acid is a substance that usually forms at the bottom of

Out of Cornstarch? Try These Substitutes

  Cornstarch is widely used in baking and cooking all over the world for a variety of recipes. In case you’re looking for something to cook in, you will find more info here about what to use. Unlike cornstarch, not all of these alternatives are gluten-free. But don’t worry, because you will also find out here which ones are and which ones are not.   Wheat flour Just like cornstarch, wheat flour also contains starch. However, it also has two added benefits: protein and fiber. If you want to use this as a cornstarch replacement for thickening your food, you

Fancy Dishes You Can Make at Home

  While racks for camper shells are always useful for a field trip, good things can happen at home too. If you feel like you’d like something nice to eat but the restaurant is too far away or too pricey, you can always try and cook elegant-yet-simple dishes like risotto, paella, or even home-made lobster.     It’s okay to be fancy While cooking is an art no matter what dish you are aiming to get, there are certain foods that have been deemed as ‘’fancy’’ and people typically expect to meet them in elegant, Micheline-type restaurants. However, in this

How to Become a Better Home Cook

  While a Kenmore vacuum is great for cleaning the house, there’s no machine that can replace the efforts of a real home-chef and make a nice, delicious meal. Learning to control the knife, control your hands and choose the right ingredients can make a world of difference in the quality of your meal.     Why learn this? No matter if you’re living alone, with a roommate or with a family of your own, the art of cooking has always been extremely important in most cultures around the world. Learning to cook delicious dishes can be the start of

Deep fryer maintenance and safety tips

  Having a lot of kitchen tools may be such a blessing sometimes, because it makes our lives easier. We are able to cook every single recipe we find on the Internet without much effort. However, having a kitchen full of tools and machines may be very time-consuming because we have to take care of them. But, in the first place, we have to know how to take care of the tools. If we have no idea how to clean and maintain them, we can just realize one day that we have lost our money by spending it on something

10 Things you should know about coffee

  For most of us, coffee is the only thing we can use to properly wake up in the morning – many claim that they just can’t function properly if they don’t have that fresh cup of coffee in their French press, ready to be served, as soon as they wake up. However, while most people know only the basic things that concern coffee and its morning healing powers, there is so much more one should know about his or her favorite beverage. Therefore, today we’ll be showing you ten of the things that you should really know about coffee.

What to serve with pot roast

  Americans love their beef and, throughout the years, they have perfected over 10,000 dishes containing this type of meat. With the help of immigrants established in New England, Pennsylvania, and New Orleans, pot roast has become one of the trendy foods served in restaurants or at family dinners. Pairing pot roast could be a tricky quest since you want something that can balance the tender and juicy taste of meat and not replace it. Luckily, there are still plenty of delicious alternatives and if you’re running out of ideas, here are some easy-to-cook recipes. Foods We start our culinary

Best meats to smoke

  If you’re watching your diet or simply want to enjoy a delicious dinner with your friends or family members, you can always count on smoked meat to save the day. Smoked meat is usually up to 70% healthier than deep-fried meat as it contains fewer fats and more proteins. So, if you plan on switching to a healthier diet or trying out new recipes, here are some of our top recommendations. Pork Pork remains one of the most popular types of meats in the United States and is also considered the most satiable food of all. Depending on the

Best everyday dishes to make for your family

  Ever since the earliest times, food has always been the best way to connect people and bring them together under the same roof. Family meals are a wonderful way to spend quality time, talking about your daily schedules or discussing issues. However, cooking for all your family members could prove a struggle, especially if you also have to juggle with a full-time job. So, if you’re looking for delicious and healthy recipes to share with your beloved ones, here are some ideas that might seem appealing to you. Homemade pizza Did we say healthy? According to the US Congress,