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Hamilton Beach 31700 Pizza Maker Review


The Hamilton Beach 31700 is often named the best pizza maker by its owners and for all the right reasons. Offering consumers the ability to cook delicious pizza at home, therefore saving money and getting them in control of the ingredients, this pizza maker is very popular. Its convenience and useful features represent the foundation for this popularity, while its stylish appearance makes it a great addition to any kitchen counter.

1.1 Hamilton Beach 31700

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Faster than a regular oven

Now you no longer have to wait for your pizza to be delivered by your regular takeout place. This pizza maker is 40% faster than a regular oven and it also more energy efficient which means that you will save money in two different ways. With an automatic 30 minute timer and auto shut-off function, this is reliable pizza maker that does not require babysitting from your part. Once you placed all the ingredients inside, you will not have to do anything else but see about other things, while the Hamilton Beach 31700 does the work.


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Ideal for more than just pizza

Although its main purpose is to make pizza, this kitchen appliance is great at making other things, as well. You can make delicious bagels, cook fish sticks, chicken strips, pizza rolls, mini hot dogs, and many other snacks and appetizers. No matter what your family prefers or what you are in the mood for eating, as long as it can be made with this pizza maker, it will be ready in no time, and you will no longer have to pay extra for having them in a restaurant or delivered to your door.


Heating can be adjusted

Not everyone enjoys their pizza the same way. Some love the crust to be crustier, others prefer a texture that is fluffier and melts in the mouth. One great thing about this specific model is that it allows you to adjust the heat, so that you can play with different recipes and try different things. The pizza maker is equipped with two heating elements, on the top and the bottom, so that you will not get a pizza that is too cooked on the bottom, but with the toppings insufficiently cooked. A nice touch is the window through which you can supervise the making of your pizza. It is just rewarding to watch the cheese topping melt and create one of the tastiest treats on the planet.

1.2 Hamilton Beach 31700

No preheating is required

For those who are in a hurry and prefer to heat up frozen pizza or other goodies, the Hamilton Beach 31700 is just what they need. The pizza maker does not need any preheating, so your frozen pizza will get ready fast and easy.



The Hamilton Beach 31700 is a great pizza maker that consumers often use for making or heating other snacks and appetizers. Offering the possibility to adjust the heat and equipped with an automatic shut-off feature, it allows you to experiment with different recipes in complete safety. Dependable and convenient, this is a pizza maker saves both time and energy, making for a great addition to your kitchen appliances.


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