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Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette Party Grill Review


What could be more fun than being capable to create your own tasty recipes while you are enjoying pleasant company and witty conversation? A raclette grill makes it all possible, and this century old Swiss style meal is very popular in the US, as well as in Europe. Turn your parties around, by bringing a raclette grill in front of your guests and encouraging them to try their hand at making the kind of recipes they like.

The Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette Party Grill is a very good choice, since it offers you the possibility to host nice parties and invite your friends to create their own dishes. Here are the most important traits of this raclette party grill.

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A great raclette party grill for up to 8 people

Anyone who has ever hosted a party can tell you that one of the biggest worries is about leaving someone out, because the cooking devices available do not allow to serve everyone with the same delicious treats at the same time. The Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette Party Grill solves this problem fast and easy. First of all, the raclette grill reviewed here is made for up to 8 people. You can help everyone get around the raclette grill and start cooking their dishes, without having to fight for a place. The large cooking surface is ideal for such parties, and you, as a host, will feel like you have done your job very well.


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Cooking surfaces

You always need to keep in mind that the best raclette grill should offer not only sizeable cooking surface, but also a cooking surface that allows for the best cooking possible. This model has a nonstick cooking surface on the top layer, grill style, ideal for cooking steaks, grilling vegetables and so on. The bottom layer is intended for making fondue, so that all your guests can enjoy a Swiss style dinner with great ease. The 11 x 11 inch top cooking surface is enough for accommodating your guests, so they can enjoy a relaxed meal and pleasant conversation.


Easy to clean

There is a big advantage to nonstick cooking surfaces, besides the fact that they do not allow your food to stick and become unpalatable. These surfaces are very easy to clean and this is one of the greatest advantages of the Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette Party Grill. When everyone is done with their dishes and the party is over, you will only need to wipe clean the nonstick surfaces and your raclette grill will look as good as new. You can look at this model as at a great investment for the success of your parties from now on.

The model can be dissembled so you can wash it with ease. The parts are dishwasher safe, so you will surely find it very easy to clean and maintain in good working order, ready for the upcoming party.


Additional benefits

There are some additional benefits to talk about when presenting this raclette grill. The nonstick grill has 8 tray heating sections and adjustable temperature controls, so that everyone gathered around the grill can choose how they want to cook their dishes. 8 heat resistant paddles are also included with your purchase, making cooking with the raclette grill even more fun. You will always be able to offer all your guests a memorable experience and they will surely love to come to your parties again. Any kind of meat, seafood and veggies they like for their dishes, you will be able to provide, along with the needed accessories and cooking utensils.

A booklet with recipes is included with your purchase. In case you have no idea about what dishes your guests could try, this booklet can be a great conversation starter, since you will be able to get your guests involved in creating some really tasty dishes.

1.Hamilton Beach 31602


Many people love the Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette Party Grill because it offers so many advantages to those who love Swiss style parties. Raclette parties have been around for a lot of time, but now they are easier to host than in the past, due to products such as this raclette grill from Hamilton Beach. Capable of accommodating up to 8 people at the same time, this model comes equipped with all the needed extras for making any raclette grill party a tremendous success. If you are looking for a really great party starter, you will not go wrong if you pick this particular raclette party grill from the existing offer.


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