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Hamilton Beach 25490A Breakfast Sandwich Maker Review


Fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, especially if you know what goes in it. The safest way to do that is by making your own fast food treats at home. The Hamilton Beach 25490A Breakfast Sandwich Maker is the perfect solution for making great tasty breakfast meals at home, and forgetting all about stopping at the fast food drive through on your way to work. Making your own sandwiches has never been easier, and this kitchen appliance is very handy when you are in a hurry and you want to grab a bite before leaving the house.

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Small, but practical

You may notice, right from the get go, that this sandwich maker is very compact in size. Its size, however, says nothing about its performance, which is really something to write home about. Capable of holding two sandwiches at the same time, this model is quick, too. It takes just 5 minutes for two sandwiches to be ready, so you will be able to eat well before leaving for work. A nice touch is that you can cook egg sandwiches really easy, as the machine takes care of assembling the sandwich, while you see about other chores in the meantime.

Its small compact size makes it a good choice for a smaller kitchen. Singles especially appreciate this model, but it is nothing unheard of that families are using it, too, with great satisfaction.


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Easy to use

You do not have to be some kind of rocket scientist to figure out how this sandwich maker works. Sandwich makers, in general, are pretty straightforward appliances, and they are not difficult to use. The two small stations for placing all the ingredients inside the cooking area make things even simpler, when using the Hamilton Beach 25490A Breakfast Sandwich Maker. You just have to place the ingredients, layer by layer, and then close the lid, allowing for your sandwiches to cook properly. After just 5 minutes, you have two hot and ready sandwiches in front of you, a great idea for a perfect breakfast.


Easy to clean

A great advantage of this sandwich maker is that it is very easy to clean. The unit can be dissembled into parts, and the parts can be washed in your dishwasher without a problem. Such small details make many of those who like having sandwiches in the morning, or during any meal of the day, very fond of this model, which they name the best sandwich maker ever created. Hamilton Beach is a well known manufacturer of kitchen appliances and the fact that this product enjoys so much popularity is just another proof of their outstanding implication in creating high quality products.


Sturdy handle

Many cheap sandwich makers come with handles made of plastic and their biggest disadvantage is that, in time, the plastic breaks, and the sandwich maker is rendered useless. This is not the case with the Hamilton Beach 25490A Breakfast Sandwich Maker that has its handle made from the same material as the rest of the unit. Durability and sturdiness are other two advantages of this model that you may want to keep in mind when you go shopping for a sandwich maker.

2.Hamilton Beach 25490A

Useful extras

Are you worried that you might forget about your sandwich maker while in operation? The model presented here comes with a time with audible tone that will let you know right away that your sandwiches are ready.

A booklet with easy to use recipes is provided when buying this sandwich maker. This will offer you a great starting point for making delicious breakfasts from now on. You may even end up saving some money you would have otherwise spend by purchasing food from fast food eateries. Traditional recipes, as well as fancier options are included in the booklet, so you can start making your own sandwiches, using fresh ingredients, at home.



The Hamilton Beach 25490A Breakfast Sandwich Maker is a great choice for all those who want to enjoy their own sandwiches made at home. A compact size model, this sandwich maker takes up very little room on your kitchen counter, so you can keep it handy for all your breakfasts. A solution for singles and young couples, this unit from Hamilton Beach is praised by many consumers for its fast operation, ease of maintenance, and, of course, outstanding results. If you are looking for a good and reliable sandwich maker for creating quick breakfast meals, you will find this particular model to be a very good choice.


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