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Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker Review


The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker lets you enjoy breakfast as the most important meal of the day. It helps you save both time and money, helping families with children handle the hectic pace of the morning while ensuring that everyone in the family enjoys a filling and satisfying breakfast every time. No more excuses for missing breakfast because this model can help you whip up a heavy breakfast sandwich in just minutes. Undoubtedly the best sandwich maker on the market, this revolutionary appliance makes a fresh breakfast sandwich you can simply grab and go. Just pile the bread with the fixings you love, from precooked meat, egg, veggies, cheese and any type of ingredient you want to include in your homemade sandwich.

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My opinion on this sandwich maker


An amazing appliance that can make preparing breakfast fun

This sandwich maker takes five minutes or less to make a perfectly assembled breakfast sandwich that is ready to eat. No long queues and no long waiting times! Enjoy customized sandwiches every time, with an endless variety of fresh ingredients to delight your taste buds. This is an awesome product for people who really love breakfast sandwiches made their way and in the comfort and convenience of the home. No need to run to a restaurant and wait for your order to be served. This kitchen appliance offers fast meals without the inconveniences that come with fast food service. It cooks every layer of your breakfast sandwich to perfection so you can enjoy a hearty meal at home.


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Cooking surfaces

The cooking plate can cook a fresh egg beautifully, and then allows the cooked egg to slide out so you can go about putting your multi-layer sandwich together. This amazing appliance makes sandwiches with small bagels, biscuits, English muffins and more. It is exceptionally easy to use. Once the sandwich maker is preheated, the bottom half of your choice of bread can be placed on the bottom plate. Then, top the bread with the ingredients you love, lower the top ring and the cooking plate, crack the egg onto the cooking plate then pierce the yolk to ensure thorough cooking. Put the top half of the bread atop the egg and then close the cover of the sandwich maker.

After five minutes, the cooking plate handle can be rotated till it stops. The top sections for the sandwich will be easy to push down to the bottom at this point, so your sandwich is assembled perfectly before you even take it out of the machine. Lift the ring assembly and cover using an oven mitt via the bottom handle to take out the cooked sandwich. It’s that easy! This device is small and will look really cute on your kitchen countertop. It saves you a trip to your favorite drive-thru. It provides a healthier way to eat, since you can control the ingredients that go into your sandwiches. When you make your own sandwiches at home, it also saves you money. Use this sandwich maker any time of day to prepare a variety of sandwiches.

1.3 Hamilton Beach 25475A

Easy to clean

The non-stick top and bottom cooking plates are easy to wipe off using a soft piece of cloth. They don’t have to be cleaned using abrasive chemicals. The removable parts slide out easily and can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher or using only warm, soapy water. This kitchen appliance eliminates the need to use a separate toaster and pan to cook the bread and the egg. All you need is this single device. The supplied recipe book offers a choice of delicious breakfast options you can try. You won’t have to be stuck with just a single type of sandwich. The built-in timer can be set in 30-second increments and an alert tone sounds when the sandwich is ready.



The Hamilton Beach 25475A is a great addition for any home. If you start your day early and have little time to cook up a nice, warm breakfast you should definitely consider getting it. You could then enjoy a complete breakfast that should give you the necessary strength to go about your day. If you prepare your ingredients in the evening, you will surely save time and, in addition, enjoy a much healthier meal than the one you might get from a drive thru. Find out what it means to start your morning right with this intelligently designed kitchen appliance.


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