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Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker Review


Able to grill sandwiches of variable thickness, the Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker provides a most revolutionary means of enjoying your favorite sandwich using the freshest ingredients you love. You don’t have to purchase a submarine or a clubhouse sandwich when you want something to fill you up during lunch or dinner, or anytime in between. This model is undoubtedly the best sandwich maker that will have you save more while being able to enjoy the sandwich components you really love. It has large 10-inch by 8-inch grids made non-stick to ensure more than enough space to accommodate the largest sandwich while being effortless to clean. You won’t have to worry about drips and debris accumulating on the surface.

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A versatile product that can handle a variety of recipes

This sandwich maker has an innovative cafe-style floating lid that allows it to press any size sandwich. Whether you’re making a simple ham sandwich or a full clubhouse or submarine sandwich with every meat product and vegetable you find in your fridge, this model can handle the entire sandwich effortlessly, warming everything up to perfection. Enjoy delicious, hot and toasty sandwiches cooked your way any time. You won’t have to head out for lunch any longer just to enjoy a lovely Panini. This model provides restaurant results at home while saving you money, as it prepares sandwiches at just a fraction of the cost of buying from popular restaurants and eateries.


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Easy to use

The Hamilton Beach Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker is quite easy to use and control. It is equipped with power and preheat lights that let you know when the machine is ready for grilling or the food is done. There is always plenty of space to make from two to three sandwiches at a single time. You can easily prepare a thick, mouth-watering Reuben sandwich or a basic grilled cheese sandwich. Your lunch options are limitless with this kitchen appliance. You can make more than just sandwiches with it. Enjoy cheesy and warm Chicken Quesadillas, pizza, Bruschetta and more, thanks to the lock hinge on the unit that is designed to allow the lid to hover over the toppings on the bread to keep the preparation from coming in contact. This ensures that the ingredients look nice after being warmed and the bread has been toasted.

2.Hamilton Beach 25460A


Great results every time

The cooked sandwich will be easy to remove when ready thanks to the special non-stick grid. This sandwich maker also makes fruit turnovers when you prefer. Panini sandwiches are done in just minutes! Allow the sandwich maker to preheat for six minutes. While waiting, you can pile the bread high with your favorite meat products, veggies and cheese to make a filling meal. The integrated ready light becomes green to indicate that the sandwich maker is ready. The whole process takes much faster than having to travel to a restaurant, place your order, pay for the food and wait for your sandwich order to be served. No waiting, no annoying traffic, no hassles, and at just a small cost!



This gourmet sandwich maker doesn’t have to be flipped as both the top and bottom plates brown and heat the sandwich to deliver terrific, crisp and warm results. This means when you put the sandwich in, you simply have to wait for it to get done in minutes without having to do anything else! After you’re done, the sandwich maker provides easy cleanups for the grilling plates. Then it can be stored upright in a spare space in the closet. The Hamilton Beach 25460A is a remarkable appliance that makes sandwiches a breeze to prepare and enjoy!


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