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Hamilton Beach 22810 2-Slice Toaster Review


The Hamilton Beach 22810 is a great model created by a company with a long standing tradition in making kitchen appliances that are meant to make your life easier. Preparing toast is easy as a breeze, and you will even be able to keep your toast warm until you decide to have breakfast, without having the toast go through another toasting cycle. Various convenient features make this particular model from Hamilton Beach totally worth having.


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The keep warm function will never let you have cold toast again

Toasters are basically the same, so what is most important for you is to find a model that really stands out from the crowd, without asking for premium pricing. The Hamilton Beach 22810 does everything a regular toaster does, with great efficiency, but also offers something extra so you can enjoy your morning meals better. This toaster is capable of keeping your toast warm, while you are preparing other items for breakfast, so you will not experience the same disappointment of having to serve cold toast, once you are ready with everything.


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Different kinds of breads, bagels and English muffins can be warm up with this toaster

Today, it is to be expected that toasters can do more than simple toast. You can use this particular model for different kinds of breads and pastries. Many people enjoy having bagels or English muffins on their first meal of the day, so it will definitely come as a great addition to be able to heat them up and serve them warm and tasty right away. The wide slots on this particular model are very handy for warming up pastry, and you will be able to enjoy your breakfast more.


Selecting different shades of brown is a breeze for perfect results

People may have different preferences when it comes to the shade of brown on their toast. It is a great thing that the Hamilton Beach 22810 comes with a shade selector that is easy and fun to use. A lot of buyers appreciate this feature that has almost become a staple for toasters nowadays.

A wide range of extra functionalities highly recommend this model

There are many things to love about this model. The retractable cord allows easy storage, and the overall design makes it great for any kitchen. The toast boost feature lifts the slices higher, so you can easily remove them, and the buttons are easy to push and illuminate for easy view.



You will love the Hamilton Beach 22810 and all its useful functions. The keep warm feature comes in handy for those who need to attend to many chores at once, while preparing breakfast. The retractable cord helps with easy storage and overall this model looks great in your kitchen. You can use it for more than just toast, since this unit does a great job with bagels, English muffins and a wide variety of pastries that are easily accommodated by the fairly large slots. All in all, this is a great toaster that does a lot of different things with great ease.


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