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The good

Definitely one of the best, if not the best toaster from Hamilton Beach, thanks to its three toasting functions.

The Hamilton Beach 22791 is equipped with a special toast boost feature that keeps your fingers protected.

The Hamilton Beach 22791 is very easy to use.

For a kitchen appliance that offers practical function, the Hamilton Beach 22791 carries an attractive design.

Cleanup and storage are easy.


The bad 

One satisfied user laments that this model only takes small and thin slices of bread, and not long breads.

One of the Hamilton Beach 22791 toaster reviews says the chrome finish tends to show fingerprint smudges easily.

The cord doesn’t have a self-retracting mechanism.

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My opinion on this product


This is a modern toaster that offers not just one but three different functions. The toast functionality works well. It evenly browns both sides of the bread according to your desired setting. The bagel feature toasts the cut side while keeping the round side nicely warmed. English muffins and other breads are toasted uniformly. The defrost feature lets you warm frozen bread.


The toast boost feature enables easy reach of small slices, so you won’t burn your fingers trying to get them out. The automatic shutoff ensures that once the set time is finished, your toast won’t get burned and end up like pieces of charcoal. This is a safety feature as well, keeping the appliance from overheating. The sides and the body of the toaster stay cool all around even when the unit is used for long periods of time. The heating elements are geared with SureGuard shock-resistant capability to give you peace of mind.


The defrost feature does what it’s supposed to without cooking the bread. This means your frozen bread gets nicely warmed straight from the freezer. The heating elements all light up on the same level, assuring you of hassle-free use. The knob, lever and buttons are of good quality, so you won’t have to worry about them coming loose. The buttons illuminate with a blue glow, serving as a gentle light while using the unit. When toasting is completed, the toast pops up the old-fashioned way. The unit features an easy-to-grip shade selector.


This model is a must-have addition to the modern kitchen. It offers a stylish take on a practical piece of kitchen equipment. The Hamilton Beach 22791 is compact, reliable and attractively designed. The sleek footprint enables easy placement on your kitchen counter.


The crumb tray slides out for effortless cleanups. The hooks on the bottom let you wind the cord up when the unit is not in use. You can wipe the chrome finish clean to keep the appliance constantly looking like new.



The Hamilton Beach 22791 is truly the best 2 slice toaster you can get for the money. It offers three functions, not just one. You can toast small slices of bread, use the bagel function to brown one side of your bagel and warm the other, and defrost frozen bread without cooking it. This toaster provides consistent browning. It has a CANCEL button that lets you stop the toasting process midway when you need to.


Buy from for ($48.99)
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