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Sporting a practical, yet pleasant appearance, the Hamilton Beach 2-Slice is the type of toaster you should get if what you want is a reliable unit to help you put together breakfast in no time. Equipped with wider slots so you can use it for warming up bagels and muffins, and not just toasting bread, the unit is a handy helper. Many people complain about toasters that quickly start burning their bread, but this is not the case with the model reviewed here. Consistent results and dependable performance recommend the Hamilton Beach 2-Slice as one of the best models you can get right now.



My opinion on this model


Consistent results

What’s not to like about a toaster that manages to offer you consistent results with each use? There is no guessing work involved, and you do not have to hover over your toaster just to catch your bread before it goes too brown. The model is equipped with smart buttons that put you in control of the toasting or warming up process. Your peace of mind is ensured when you are served by a unit with so great results. You will never get bread that is toasted unevenly, or bagels that remain cold inside, while they are scorching hot on the outside. For a perfect breakfast experience, this toaster from Hamilton Beach is a recommended buy.


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Any bread you like, plus muffins and bagels

Your breakfast options should never be limited just to toast. While toasted bread is tasty and contains fewer calories than regular bread, you may grow bored over time with eating the same thing over and over again. What you can do is to add a bit of extra to your menu in the form of English muffins and bagels. However, if you get this from the store the night before, until morning they will be cold and no longer palatable. You can always purchase frozen pastry and warm it up in your toaster, with the same great results as for bread. The Hamilton Beach 2-Slice makes everything possible.


Great convenience

There are a few features of the model reviewed here that spell convenience from top to bottom. For starters, the model comes with an auto shutoff function, so there is no trouble in case you forget about it and see about other things in the kitchen or elsewhere. The cool touch exterior will not burn your hands in case you accidentally touch the case when the toaster is working. Also, the brushed finish will not show any fingerprints, so keeping the model clean is easy as a breeze.



There are many things people want in a toaster, and consistent results and superior convenience are among them. The Hamilton Beach 2-Slice is a great deliverer in both areas, and it is really easy to use and care for. Looking impeccable and providing equally impeccable results each and every time, this machine is a veritable kitchen aid that will help you put together breakfast fast and easy. Keep this model in mind next time you go shopping for a toaster.


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