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1.2 Perfect Tortilla Press

The good

You can use this great tortilla maker for any type of tortillas, no matter how large or small, which allows you to make a wide variety of Mexican dishes.

You will not need a second utensil for making perfect tortillas, since this model does not only press the masa dough into round tortillas, but it also cooks them, when placed on top of the stove.

Made of high quality materials, the Perfect Tortilla Press 2-in-1 Easy Stovetop Cooker is easy to maintain in perfect shape.

This tortillas maker comes with a great money back guarantee policy, making it easy for you to try it out and see if you like it.


The bad

Many users praise this model as being the best tortilla maker they have ever tried. However, there are some minor issues mentioned by some of the buyers. For instance, the Perfect Tortilla Press 2-in-1 Easy Stovetop Cooker does not make paper thin tortillas. The tortillas you can cook with it have a certain thickness, but not as thin as seen in stores. If you place in balance that for the tortillas you can cook at home, you are in total control of the ingredients, while those sold in stores are filled with preservatives and GMOs, you may not be put off by this minor inconvenience.


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My opinion on this product


One thing this tortilla maker does best is that it allows you to cook any kind of tortilla or flatbreads you want to use in your Mexican dishes. From 5 to 10 inch sizes, this kitchen utensil will prove indispensable, as far as cooking Mexican food is concerned. Smaller tortillas are a good choice for tacos, but if you like burritos and enchiladas, you will love the ability of making larger tortillas, too. Also, you can cook more than just tortillas using this utensil. Arepas, patacones, tostones and quesadillas can also be made with this highly versatile kitchen helper.

1.1 Perfect Tortilla Press

This 2 in 1 model comes in handy when you want to put together a healthy meal without consuming too much time. Many tortilla makers do nothing else but press the dough, leaving the baking part up to you. The Perfect Tortilla Press 2-in-1 Easy Stovetop Cooker is very straightforward and useful. You press the dough, then you place the tortilla maker on the stove and let the tortillas bake to perfection.


Maintaining this tortilla maker in good shape is very easy. The cooking surface is nonstick, so it is very easy to wash, the aluminum pin prevents rust and the handle, made of Bakelite, will not burn your hands when you make your tortillas.


A money back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer who states that any request for a refund will be honored within just 24 hours.



The Perfect Tortilla Press 2-in-1 Easy Stovetop Cooker does everything you want a tortilla maker to do. Because it presses and cooks tortillas with great ease, many people consider it the perfect kitchen helper for all their Mexican recipes. Making tortillas, tostones, quesadillas and arepas is really easy when you use this great tortilla maker.


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