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8.1 Frigidaire Professional

The good

When you want to get toasted bread ready for the entire family, nothing is better than the Frigidaire Professional Stainless 4-Slice Wide Slots Toaster that can accommodate four slices in the same time, so that no one has to wait.

The countdown indicator shows you exactly how much time you have to wait, and you can always see about getting other foods ready, while the toaster does its job.

This is a great looking toaster. Its overall design makes it a good fit for any modern kitchen and its performance is always top notch.

Last, but not least, this is a toaster with auto defrost function, so defrosting your favorite meals is easy as a breeze.


The bad

Getting the perfect toast is a quest for many, and consumers who have already bought this model praise its ability to deliver great results. However, although this is the best toaster from Frigidaire, there is a minor gripe that some consumers mention. Wider slices of bread can easily be accommodated, but really long breads cannot fit in, unless you want to trim the slices a little bit. Otherwise, it looks like this product is an absolute winner.

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My opinion on this product


Waiting for another slice of bread to be toasted can be annoying, when you are already too late for work. Solve these issues by getting the Frigidaire Professional Stainless 4-Slice Wide Slots Toaster that delivers four perfectly toasted slices of bread in the same time, so you can forget all about waiting times. Enjoying many great reviews from users and critics, this is a unit you can truly rely on, when it comes to making large amounts of toast, for you or the entire family.


The controls on this unit are very intuitive and easy to use. Although on the outside, this model looks really high tech, do not let yourself fooled. The Frigidaire Professional Stainless 4-Slice Wide Slots Toaster is highly practical, too, and the controls, including the countdown indicator, work exactly as expected.

8.2 Frigidaire Professional

You will notice that many Frigidaire Professional toaster reviews mention how great looking this model is. The stainless steel case makes it look good on any kitchen counter, so you will not regret getting one for your home, when you will see everyone visiting you noticing the cool looking gadget you have in the kitchen.


Let’s not forget about extra functions. The auto defrost option makes it easy for you to get your favorite foods brought to the right temperature, even when taken directly from the freezer. Since many delicious snacks can be prepared this way, this toaster is a great helper to have around.



If you are looking for the best 4 slice toaster around, you have just found it. The Frigidaire Professional Stainless 4-Slice Wide Slots Toaster offers great performance, ease of use, and the ability to prepare tasty treats quickly, which is essential when you are on the run. Displaying good looks and capabilities, this toaster is a great choice for anyone who loves the smell of toast in the morning.


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