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Featuring stellar reviews from viewers, the Tibos is the kind of machine you should get for making French crepes. What you will get will be crispy tasty crepes that you can combine with anything you want, sweet or savory, for a veritable palette of dishes that you can enjoy at home with your family and friends. This crepe maker makes things really easy for you, so, if you want to learn more, read the following review.

1.2 Tibos Chromed Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

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The non-stick surface makes things really easy

When you are making crepes at home, one issue that may be hard to swallow is having the crepes always getting stuck to the kitchen utensil you are using. That is why getting a crepe maker is a much better idea. The Tibos is a completely frustration free kitchen aid, since it comes with non-stick surface on which your batter will not get stuck or burnt or both. The non-stick cooking surface has 13 inches in diameter, which means that you will get to make some pretty large crepes, just like the ones you see served in restaurants. Plus, when it comes to cleaning, it is all a breeze.


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The included accessories make you wish for nothing

A paddle for mixing the batter and a batter spreader are readily available with your purchase. You basically need just to assemble the ingredients in order to start cooking. Use the paddle when making your batter and pour enough on top of the cooking surface. After that, use the batter spreader in a circular motion so you can spread it evenly. This is one of the great pluses of a crepe maker, since no one can achieve the perfect thickness for crepes without a batter spreader, unless they are a world’s famous chef.


Superior quality is what puts this crepe maker on top of competition

You can count on the durability of this product that is made to the highest French standards. As you may well know, the French are famous for their cuisine, and they spare nothing when it comes to making top of the line kitchen equipment. The Tibos is no exception to the rule, so you can truly count on the sturdy craftsmanship invested in this product. You will get to make crepes for years to come, and maybe the only reason you will have to replace it will be because you simply want a change.

1.3 Tibos Chromed Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

A booklet with recipes is offered with your purchase

Cooking at home may feel like a challenge, especially if you are trying to make crepes, which usually are served in restaurants. This crepe maker makes things easy not only by being easy to use, but by offering a booklet with recipes and clear instructions, so you can start making crepes right away.



Convenience is the right word to describe what defines this straightforward crepe maker. Its 13 inch diameter allows you to make crepes just like in restaurants, while its non-stick surface ensures that you will never have to unglue pieces of crepe from its surface. Easy to use and easy to clean, the model comes accompanied by all the needed accessories and instructions for making great crepes.


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