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Eurolux Original French Style Griddle and Crepe Maker Review

1.1 Eurolux Original French Style

The good

This crepe maker is a great 2 in 1 kitchen helper that can be used for making pancakes, crepes and blintzes, as well as a griddle for all your breakfast favorites.

The Eurolux Original French Style Griddle and Crepe Maker comes with 5 different temperature settings that put you in total control of the cooking process.

A batter spreader is provided, so you can obtain great results every time.

The rubber feet ensure perfect stability and convenience.

Easy cleaning is among the benefits of this non-stick crepe maker.


The bad

Most of the people who have bought this crepe maker commend its abilities to make perfect pancakes, as well as the functionality as a griddle for cooking all kinds of foods for breakfast. However, there are a few minor issues that should be mentioned. One thing that seems to not be to everyone’s liking is that it takes a bit for the crepe maker to heat up; still, once the unit is ready (and tells you by its ready light), you will be able to make pancakes fast and easy.


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My opinion on this product


Unitaskers are not exactly everyone’s favorite, so it is a good thing if you can purchase a cooking device that does more than just one thing. The Eurolux Original French Style Griddle and Crepe Maker is a good example of a unitasker that is actually a multitasker. Besides crepes, it can make other breakfast foods in record time and its aluminum plate can be used as a griddle for bringing your morning bacon to perfection.


When it comes to cooking, knowing the exact temperature needed for cooking each dish is important, since different recipes have different heat requirements. One of the reasons why this particular model is called the best crepe maker by most of its reviewers is the possibility to regulate the temperature. With 5 different temperature settings you can fiddle with, you will rest assured that you will nail any recipe right in the head.

1.2 Eurolux Original French Style

When making crepes, it is a great thing to get all the needed help, and this crepe maker comes with its own batter spreader, so you do not have to purchase one separately. The batter spreader allows you to evenly spread the pancake mix on the hot surface, so that your crepes are simply perfect once done.


Stability can be an issue for crepe makers, but this model from Electrolux does a very good job by offering perfect stability, due to its rubber feet, another sign of a good quality product.


Maintaining this crepe maker in perfect shape is easy. Its non-stick surface is easily wiped clean and the exterior housing is easy to wash with minimum effort, too.



This 12 inch crepe maker is ideal for cooking breakfast for the entire family. You can cook crepes, pancakes, blintzes and use the aluminum plate as a griddle for bacon and other meats you like having in the morning, so putting together an entire breakfast is really easy, if you choose the Eurolux Original French Style Griddle and Crepe Maker.


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