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El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker Review


Definitely worth purchasing, the El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker features two indicator lights. The red light is the Power light that tells you the unit is switched on, while the green light tells you the unit is ready to take the tortilla to make the quesadilla. Easy to use, the machine is outfitted with non-stick plates that make it effortless to remove the quesadilla when it’s done. The plates do not require you to spray fat or use butter on them, which ensures a healthy way of cooking and eating. The plates also make it easy to clean the machine after use, so you won’t have to use abrasive cleaners to clean off debris that gets deposited even in the raised ridges of the plates.

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A great buy for everyone who enjoys homemade quesadillas

This model cooks the quesadilla really quick. You can get a nice and crispy quesadilla, always cooked to perfection without the food being burned. The food is always golden brown just like a quesadilla should be. The built-in drip reservoir catches the melted cheese you use when making your quesadilla, so cleanups are not an issue. Definitely the best quesadilla maker you can get for the money, this machine has ridges on the plate that make it easy to cut the cooked quesadillas because they leave creases on the food item. Users love this appliance for being able to make dinner for two people in just less than ten minutes. Whether it’s a meat-filled quesadilla or a healthy vegetable quesadilla, this appliance can handle every quesadilla type any time.


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Explore new quesadilla recipes

The El Paso 10023 ships with El Paso Chile recipes. This enables the user to explore different ways of making quesadilla so there is always variety in the dinner fare. It can be boring to just have one recipe on hand when you can make the most of this versatile machine to enjoy a wide array of quesadilla recipes. Enjoy mouth-watering south-of-the-border meals including: spicy chicken quesadillas; chicken, mustard greens and gruyere quesadillas; brie, apple and arugula quesadillas; chicken quesadillas with spicy cheese and sweet peaches; or chicken quesadillas with Monterey Jack or fontina (cheese) for the kids. When used with the right-size tortilla, this quesadilla maker enables you to pile up to half-an-inch-thick ingredients without worrying about the items spilling out.

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Additional benefits

This quesadilla maker has a clamp that secures the lid during cooking. The El Paso 10023 also enables you to reheat unused portions of quesadillas while ensuring that they taste as fresh as when they were first made. The machine can be left on its own while cooking, so you can go about with the other dinner preparation tasks while waiting for the quesadillas to get done. It heats up fast so you don’t have to wait too long to get the cooking started. The appliance ships with a one-year limited warranty on parts, ensuring you of quality craftsmanship and components. Every household should have this kitchen appliance, especially when the homeowners are quite busy everyday to make a full-course dinner but still want something filling to eat.



The El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker can help you prepare some amazing quesadillas that your friends and family will surely enjoy. Operating and maintaining this small kitchen appliance is very simple so you don’t need to worry about having to deal with difficult to understand instructions or tedious cleaning every time you want to cook. You really can’t go wrong with this quesadilla maker.


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