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The good

This is the best toaster from Disney thanks to its capability to imprint Mickey on the toasted bread slices.

The extra-wide slots also feature self-centering capability.

The illuminated function buttons offer customized usage every time.

This is the best 2 slice toaster with a smart and smooth finish to complement any kitchen countertop.

The toaster accommodates a wide variety of breads for reliable toasting every time.


The bad

One of the Disney DCM-2 Classic Mickey toaster reviews says the metal part on top of the appliance gets very hot, which can cause you to burn your fingertips easily when pulling out the bread from the slot.

The settings run a bit dark for some people, but others say it only needs a bit of adjustment to get everything right.

Extremely thin bread can be a challenge to work with using this toaster.



My opinion on this product


Put a smile on everyone’s faces at the breakfast table by using this innovative toaster that puts an imprint of Mickey on toasted bread. This is a nifty feature that lets you enjoy toasted bread even more. Mickey’s imprint is left on two slices of bread at a time, letting you enjoy your toasted bread better. The toaster gives you more reasons to love breakfast with the family. The toaster invites members of the family to share happy moments at the start of every day.


This stainless steel toaster has extra-wide self-centering slots that ensure that bread is evenly positioned for even toasting every time. You won’t need to carefully place the bread slices into the slot to ensure that they get browned uniformly, as the toaster does it for you. This also enables easy pulling out of the bread slices.


The illuminated function buttons let you optimize the toaster’s capabilities. With the reheat button, you can make sure that toasted bread is nicely warmed and not over-toasted. The CANCEL button allows you to stop the toasting process when you smell bread burning or see that the bread is already nicely done. The Frozen functionality lets you toast bread directly from the freezer. Thanks to the variable browning control, you can choose the toast shade according to the preference of each and everyone in the family.


The stainless steel finish gives the appliance a smart and topnotch look that can complement the modern kitchen or any countertop. The laser-etched logo can brighten up your countertop, as well. The black edges go well with the stainless steel finish to give the appliance a streamlined, smooth look. The stainless steel finish ensures easy removal of fingerprint smudges while giving the toaster remarkable resistance against rust.


The extra-wide bread slots can accommodate standard or artisan bread, bagels, buns, English muffins and other thick slices of bread. This feature lets you toast different types of bread according to your preference. Plus, the knobs are easy to read and they do what they are programmed to do so you can enjoy the right level of browning every time. The toaster cleans up well, too.



With a seamless brushed stainless steel look, the Disney DCM-2 Classic Mickey 2-Slice Toaster offers delightful toasting capability thanks to the imprint of Mickey on your toasted bread. Breakfasts will be truly special as every family member gets bread toasted the way they want. The function buttons are illuminated so you know exactly what the toaster is doing, eliminating the guesswork. Protection Status