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2.Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Toaster

The good

Making breakfast toast more fun, this model is the best 2 slice toaster from Disney.

The extra wide slots accommodate various bread thicknesses.

Toast to the shade you want thanks to the adjustable browning control.

The Disney Mickey Mouse Toaster ensures user safety.

The toaster comes with a compact, lightweight and attractive design that makes it small enough to fit into spare countertop space.


The bad

The plastic and metal construction doesn’t find much approval in some Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Toaster reviews.

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My opinion on this product


This best 2 slice toaster helps you make breakfast time more fun by imprinting the classic Mickey image on breads and bagels. The familiar Mickey image should encourage children to eat more bread. Offering a fun way to cook bread, the toaster makes bread slices more enjoyable to eat. The toaster puts a smile on your face every time since the imprint of Mickey’s head reminds you of your younger days when cartoons used cute Disney characters that were as colorful as they were interesting. The familiar Mickey ears have graced many novelty items so why shouldn’t your bread also have them?

1.Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Toaster

Put in your favorite bread slices of various kinds and in a variety of thicknesses, as the Disney Classic toaster has extra wide slots that accommodate various bread thicknesses. Toast bagels, white bread, artisan bread and other types of bread. The toaster’s slots have self-centering capability to ensure easy placement of bread. This means you won’t have to continuously adjust the bread slices once they’re in the slots.


The adjustable browning control lets you toast bread to the desired browning level. Eliminate the guesswork by using the browning control to achieve the browning intensity you prefer. This toaster does its job in a fun way so toast is always more fun and exciting. You’ll surely enjoy your toast with scrambled eggs and juice or milk. Waiting for the bread to cook in order to see Mickey’s familiar ears can make breakfast time terrific.


The exterior of the Disney Classic Mickey Mouse toaster stays cool to the touch while it’s cooking bread. This means you won’t have to worry about placing plastic items near the toaster since they won’t get damaged or melted when they are too close to the toaster. The high rise toast lift ensures that the cooked bread is easy to remove from the slots, preventing burnt fingertips. The high toast lift also lets you retrieve the bread by hand without requiring the use of tongs, which could be potential hazards.


The compact and lightweight design makes the toaster easy to position on a kitchen countertop. Since it won’t take up too much space, the toaster can be inserted into a free space. It is also easy to store because of its small profile. The classic Mickey Mouse design makes the toaster an attractive addition to your kitchen appliance collection. The nonskid rubber feet ensure stability while the hinged crumb tray makes it easy to clean out bread crumbs and small bits of bread.



The Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Toaster is a great looking kitchen appliance that lets you enjoy toasted bread for breakfast every day. The imprint of Mickey’s head on the toast should be enough to get children and adults alike all excited every morning. This compact, attractive toaster offers adjustable browning settings so you can enjoy toast just the way you like it.


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